a fancy feast, indeed

I have a good suspicion that Nathan just ate cat food. How good is my suspicion? I just found his hand in the cat food bowl and his mouth smelled like fish.

I haven’t read anything on what age to introduce cat food to your baby, but this makes me think that kitty litter is cheaper than diapers.

Lilo and Nathan

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a natural human tendency–to try animal foodat least once. Don’t worry. I tried dog food once, not so bad.
    I like the new colors, by the way.

  2. thecandyqueen says:

    Did he like it? My cats eat dog food and my dog eats cat food. Whatever.

  3. Si Pete said says:

    Dog food, cat food it all smells like canned corn beef hash anyway.

  4. Thanks Pete. That doesn’t seem to help my mom who just found out about Nathan’s new taste for cat food and spent an hour telling me that I should be careful because, “there was once a woman who put kerosene in a coke bottle and her daughter drank it and the girl got sick,” [sic].

    She didn’t think it was funny.

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