crawl of the penguin

I found someone’s paycheck today. It was folded in half on the pavement and belonged to a kid named Jason. I could easily surmise that he was a college student because he had only worked for four hours total, earning 32 dollars after taxes. And even though 32 bucks doesn’t seem like much, when you’re a college student, that could buy a few sub sandwiches or buy enough toilet paper for a decent mummy costume (don’t underestimate how much TP an endeavor like that will really need, especially when you’ve had half a box of wine…so I’ve heard).

And this is how I paid it forward because yesterday someone at my gym was kind enough to return my digital camera to the front desk after I had left it in the locker (yes, mi nombre es el stupido). I doubt it would have fetched much money on the cameras-full-of-anonymous-baby-pictures-market since a) it is the size of a brick and b) the little flap that holds the batteries in will likely need duct tape in the future just to function. In any case, I was very fortunate that there was some humanity and honesty still left in my gym’s family locker room and I was reunited with my camera.

This small miracle has been the only way I’m able to share with you the awesome fun we’ve been having dressing Nathan’s head up as a penguin.


This hat is like a shaman; it has healing properties. It even forces Nathan to read books about farm animals, albeit, upside down.


And today at West Seattle’s Whale Tail Park, Nathan’s penguin hat blocked out the fancy shamancy hot pink Bugaboo Stroller behind him.


Earlier, when passing said $879 stroller, I think the way my mouth flapped open actually broadcasted my stupid remark about people who spend that much money on a stroller because the owner of the stroller looked up at me and the direction of my loud booming voice as if to say, “I bet trash talk is all you can afford, lady!”

So much for paying it forward, even when I’m yapping some passive aggressive smack that disguises what I really want to say, “Me Want That! Me Too Poor! Me Likey! Me Not-Able-to-Afford-y!”


And when I confessed this to Nathan, he did what any loving son would do, try to compel the smack-talking demon out of my body.


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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    HAha! That last picture is the BEST!!!

    Were you able to find the person to whom the check belonged?

  2. Liam's Mom - Gina says:

    You never fail to crack me up!

    Me want their stroller too!

  3. Swistle says:

    That hat. He can’t wear that hat. No baby can be that cute without exceeding the Cuteness Limit, imposed for everyone’s safety.

  4. Mona, you are so funny and cool, I want you to have my child.

    Wait. That doesn’t make sense. Hmm…

    You crack me up woman!

  5. CrankMama says:

    HI There,
    I really like your site…. which sounds suspiciously spam like. I love that penguin hat!!


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