mommy magic

Mommy magic

The above magic show is featured over at Blogging Baby Parent Dish.

I should have called it, “From one ‘O’ face to another.”

Nathan can say three things now. When he looks at me, he says, “Maaa-maaa.” When he looks at Mike, he says, “Daaaah-daaah.” When he looks at our cat Charlie, he says, “You are my brother, you are older than me…”

He’s so smart. Not even a year old yet and already he’s singing Elton John!

Mike’s and Nathan’s birthdays are two days apart. Mike decided that from this year on, he’s not having a birthday. This is fine for me because I don’t think I could match last year’s festivities, when I let a penis-wearing woman kiss my husband. Now, if a woman wearing those bachelorette-party-penis-necklaces wanted to kiss Nathan, I would have a problem with that, since Nathan would want to put it in his mouth and haven’t I traumatized my son enough?

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  1. The Zero Boss says:

    Too cute!!!

    Oh, and the baby is pretty nice too.

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