putting the "ho" in home

The only real furniture I had in my first apartment was a Stearns and Foster pillow-top bed which cost me $1,000 (300 of which came from my mom who last bought a bed in 1986 and doesn’t believe that prices have changed) and a 70s era sectional couch which cost me $30 and a regrettable afternoon with my dorky classmate who liked me but had a truck.

Before that sweet bed that felt like I was being hugged by marshmallows, I had an air mattress which was only softened by an egg-crate foam pad. Before the chicka-chicka bow-wow sectional, I had the floor.

I was living with my fiancee, a GED grad who said that we shouldn’t buy any furniture until he got a job. The only furniture that appeared during his stay was a recumbent bike. I don’t understand the logic of buying exercise equipment when your bed easily deflates and when you have no jobby-job.

So eventually Sir Warcraft McChampion and I broke up and he moved out and there I was in a drafty apartment with a card table holding up the computer, a bed that most people used for camping and grooves in the carpet where someone spent hours moving but not going anywhere at all.

And then I met Mike.

After one of our first dates, I tried to say goodbye in the car, but he wanted to walk me to the door. During those fifteen steps from the car to the loveshack, I tried to think up a sexy way to say, “Let’s not go into the bedroom yet. I have to find the airpump first.”

Instead I confessed, “Don’t freak out but I don’t have a couch.”

“Okay…” he replied.”That’s not awkward.”

And can you believe he still married me after that? After he walked in and found out that I had put two folding chairs together for a chaise lounge?

I still am trying to absorb the idea of moving into a brand-new shiny home where no one has lived in before and nothing inflates or needs duct-tape to work.

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    Haha…my first time living alone was when I moved home with my mom and sibs…she moved out and left SOME of her stuff. It all stayed where it was. I had a broken entertainment center with no electronics, a POS ripped up couch, a kitchen table, and a piano. (I know, right?)

    And that was all I had until The Man brought all his Wal-Mart furniture with him when he moved in.

    I don’t wonder why I’m such a freak about my couch now, though…it’s the first time I’ve ever spent real money on furniture!

  2. Ah, Mona, I’m happy for you. It’s been a long time coming. šŸ™‚

    P.S. I don’t think I’m delurking for the first time, but I should say I read and enjoy the blog regularly. Thanks! Also? Please smoosh your baby for me. He is adorable.

  3. Haha, even my couch is worth more than my bed!! We have yet to get rid of our college furniture!!! Geez, I think it’s been about 4 years now…sigh…

  4. Oh, The Joys says:

    Where was I in your YOUTH to show you the ways of the thrifty? Shame.

  5. OH my god. You just keep bringing the funny. “Let’s not go into the bedroom yet. I have to find the airpump first.”

    My first unfurnished apartment consisted of an air mattress with egg-crate foam pad (holla!), a cardboard box covered with a blanket, and a futon. Futon wasn’t mine, but the cardboard box was.

    The first time Iain came over we woke up to a flat air mattress. It would have been embarrassing if he had not been the king of Milk Crate Decor.

    Happy for you and your new house!

  6. la vie joie says:

    We’ve all been there. we’ve lived in our house for a year and I still have unpacked boxes b/c i don’t have bookcases to put them in. At least we have a home.

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