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In the spirit of mother’s day, I’d like to point you over to one of my favorite comedians Sean Conroy and the list of nice things to say about your mother. My favorite: “Yo Momma has such a good credit history that she could easily negotiate a loan at very favorable rates just to buy a Sea Doo for weekend use.”

Oh snap!

Last Mother’s Day, Nathan was less than a week old and I didn’t really feel like I had been a mother long enough to enjoy that day. Sure, I had changed diapers, suffered bleeding nipples, and pushed a 8 lb 4.8 oz baby out the chute. But I didn’t feel I owned the holiday. Also, it didn’t help that we had celebrated by going to brunch at DENNY’S.

Now, I’m not above a grand slam breakfast, but on Mother’s Day, the bar wasn’t set very high with the forcefully coaxing line, “Honey, order anything you want. Shall I direct your attention to the country-fried steak and eggs? Comes with two sides!”

After we had signed the 20,000 escrow papers, Mike and I celebrated by eating at a teriyaki place. I ordered and paid for the food while Mike went to the restroom. When he returned, I warned him, “Don’t finish your drink quickly because I didn’t pay for the refillable cup, just the one time deal.”

“How much would it have been for to include refills?”

“Ten cents.”

“I just bought you a house and you can’t shell out the TEN CENTS for a refill?!?!”

I have a feeling like this house will take the place of actual gifts Mike and I will give each other. On Christmas, when I ask, “What did you get me, honey,” he’ll probably respond, “Last month’s mortgage payment.” Or I’ll say, “I paid for the Tivo this month. Happy birthday!”

So this morning, I’ll inevitably be dining over the Meat Lover’s Special when I unwrap my mother’s day gift: a garage door opener.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    Funny guy…

    I can’t believe they even bother to charge for the refills!! ten cents??

    haha…and YES, the house often becomes “gifts” between the spouses…as well as with the children. “Oh, you need designer clothes, huh? Well, let me just call the mortgage company and tell them they can HAVE the house back because my kid can’t wear K-Mart clothes!!”

    happy (belated) mother’s day!

  2. la vie joie says:

    we did the same thing last Christmas. The house is our biggest gift to each other.

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