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In today’s stupid confessions: I was afraid of Nathan’s first haircut. After months of male infantile baldness, his head sprouted thick, luscious locks. I was afraid that cutting his hair would revert him back to that baby face, the one we had lost along with the infant car seat and size 3 diapers.

But when Mike and I started receiving comments from passerbys about how cute our *little girl* was, something needed to be done.

I had seen a kid’s store with a salon inside at the upscale shopping mall near my work. I had an idea that it would be pricey but when the hairstylist said, “All kids cuts start at $25,” Mike and I said, “Okay, we’ll be back.” The “we’ll be back” really means, “We’ll never be back unless we wake up from a drug-induced coma and in that medicated haze believe that $25 PLUS TIP is a reasonable price for four snips.” But that last sentence takes a lot of time to spew out especially when you’re trying to keep a 13-month-old from eating white bits off the carpet.

What I really wanted to tell the stylist was that for the last two years, I’ve had my hair cut at a Vietnamese woman’s small dimly-lit shop and even though I only understand every other sentence, it costs me twelve dollars. She asked me once, “So, do you WAWK?” And I said yes because I wasn’t sure if she had asked me if I walk or if I work because yes, I work and to get to my work, I call upon my mobility.

Last weekend, Lisa and Branan solved our hair woes by inviting us over to their compound for a barbecue/haircut and not only did it not cost us anything, they grilled a delectable pepper-crusted pork tenderloin from a recipe! I had forgotten that people still refer to books of these instructable gems. None of the steps asked them to take the food out of the microwave half-way and stir! And even more shocking, none of the ingredients included KC Masterpiece!

And we ended the night by transforming my son from a fair-feathered little girl into a shaggy-headed boy.



And here would be the perfect place to insert an “after” photo, but unfortunately, all I have to offer you is a shot of Nathan performing that weird-suspended-in-air feat from Smooth Criminal.

like michael jackson in smooth criminal

Or how about this one of Nathan showing absolutely no fear as we flung him down a plastic slide?

Nathan, showing no fear

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    HAHAHAHAH. Hahah! Smooth Criminal! hahah. I can’t even watch video here and I know exactly what you’re talking about!!! Hahaha.

  2. You’re too funny Mona. Nathan is a cutie pie, even if you didn’t teach him to dance yet:) or are those your moves?

  3. How could you not get it? She was asking if you “wok”. Where else can tasty food be cooked in?

  4. Eureka! Doris, that’s it! And the answer to that would be yes, I wok!

  5. Oh, The Joys says:

    He’s awfully cute, but I’m kind of missing the Paulie Walnuts look.

  6. Matthew M. F. Miller says:

    Found you via A Little Pregnant – that’s so funny. I wish someone could transplant Nathan’s hair onto my head. It’s beautiful.

    Stop by my site and say hello sometime – it’s nice to meet you!

  7. MamaMint says:

    Go Nathan!

    As for the hair cut, I’m jealous that he seemed to take it all in stride. JuniorMint screams holy-terror when we take him in.
    Even after 3 haircuts…still screams! LOL

  8. Marianas Eye says:

    Hi Mona,

    You’re the same place in life we are. I just wrote a piece last week on “How to eat out with kids and keep your dignity.”



  9. Ha! I love it.

    And now I’ll be singing smooth criminal all day.

  10. Michelle Munna says:

    that is hilarious…how did he do that…that tremendously impossible for me to do…and i’ve fell thousands of times trying….that is a once in a life-time moment

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