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For about thirty minutes every morning, light ricochets through the fish tank and flashes a patch rainbow patch on our couch.

the light fantastic

Am I the only parent who still gives her son a bottle? Nathan will not take a sippy cup and I’ve bought all kinds and colors. Our pediatrician suggested forcing him to use it by removing the bottle all together, and either, I’m too weak or Nathan doesn’t latch onto anything not resembling a boob, but it hasn’t worked. And why is it with this transition that I feel a tinge of guilt and shame that I haven’t moved my kid into the sippy cup pack when it seems like every other child has had it so easy? I hardly felt any remorse for formula or going back to work, but when we’re in public and I pull out an avent bottle, I swear I feel those eyes darting at me! But he’ll move on, right? I won’t have to send him care packages when he’s at college and wants to drink beer out of a bottle you can sterilize in the microwave. Right?

But moving on–this is also an excellent photo to share Nathan’s important discovery last week: his penis. Now whenever the kid is stripped down, he tugs at his cash and prizes and looks at me with a grateful grin, as if his wang had been made by Fisher Price and I attached it to his body for his enjoyment. I can just imagine sharing with my moms group how I had paced the toy aisle at Target, and how it was between the penis and the Sit-to-Stand Giraffe and as you can see, the wang definitely won out.

And in writing that last euphemistic sentence, I know that I’ll have to teach him the proper names for genitalia or else I’m going to get a teacher’s note saying, “Let’s schedule a Parent-Teacher conference about Nathan referring to his penis as the ‘downtown bonanza.'”

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    Hahaha…perfect picture. Using the addiction to cover up his little ‘treasure.’ That’s a groovy rainbow you’ve got. He’ll probably remember that when he’s older.

  2. hahaha that’s hilarious! jake discovered his downtown bonanza at about 3 weeks old (i kid you not) and hasn’t quit playing with it since. ugh…

  3. Absolutely Bananas says:

    that’s an awesome pic!

  4. Try skipping the sippy part. Maybe he’ll take to a regular kid’s cup without a sippy top on it.

  5. Chrissy says:

    My son HATED sippies. For some reason he just didn’t “get” that he had to lift it to get a drink.
    We finally got him the straw cups and he’s been doing great since. He’s 21 months and still uses them, still won’t touch a sippy.
    Good luck

  6. anne nahm says:

    Great picture! My first nursed until she was two, so I am not sweating my second using a bottle until at least then. Using a sippy cup seems like a pretty ridiculous milestone in the scheme of things.

  7. H started on a sippy cup at 4 months – at the beginning he mostly he just played with it and chewed on it. He never took a bottle and refuses to give up my boob. šŸ™‚ My friend’s little guy didn’t like the Gerber sippy but instead she found one called a Nuby that was more ‘nipple like’ I think. As for Nathan’s pee pee – H LOVES his too! He yanks so hard but always smiles. If you ask him where it is he always grabs down there. At least he knows where one of his body parts is located!

  8. mayberry says:

    So much to discuss from one (very cool) photo.

    My mom swears my sister would go 8 hrs without nourishment because she refused to take a bottle, only wanted a boob. Stubborn kids!

  9. Rebecca says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the bottle thing… the kind of people who give you dirty looks about things like that are just…well….weird….

    At some stage they all start to hate looking like a baby…( my six year old twin boys still suck their thumbs, but never in public anymore!)

  10. Playtex makes a straw cup that isn’t quite leak-proof, but it’s darn close. My daughter likes that better than sippies. Plus, it’s insulated and has a snap-down top to protect the straw from getting too dirty. It can’t be the only one out there, so look around. Nuby cups are pretty great, too, but they can start to leak over time.

    Also, don’t sweat it. My pediatrician told me that if I didn’t have my daughter off bottles by the time she was 15 months, she’d never make the switch. Um, no. She made the transition some time starting around 17 or 18 months, and she made it just fine.

    Great pic, BTW. Sorry about the whole penis-palooza thing going on right in time for family to be staying with you. Yipes!

  11. Mommy off the Record says:

    Great picture.

    I like how the Advent bottle just perfectly covers up his pee pee.
    So artistic. šŸ™‚

    As for the bottle thing, like Anne said, children often breastfeed for years (my brother bf for FOUR years) so using a bottle for a little longer than usual makes sense. He probably just needs that sucking action. My son sucks his thumb and that’s how he gets it in – other kids bf and others need the bottle longer. Don’t sweat it too much. He’ll wean eventually!

  12. la vie joie says:

    I know exactly what you mean, the discovery of their genitals. Wow! hahahaha

  13. “Now whenever the kid is stripped down, he tugs at his cash and prizes and looks at me with a grateful grin, as if his wang had been made by Fisher Price and I attached it to his body for his enjoyment.”

    You mean they weren’t made by Tonka? Momma!!!

    As for weaning, my boys never had a prob getting weaned but you should try what my dad did to one of his grandsons who’s still, to this day, sucking his fingers; tabasco šŸ˜‰

    Ok so it didn’t work but I’m telling you it was hilarious lol.

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