On the four hour journey to Forks, I mastered the art of simultaneously driving with one hand and stuffing organic cheddar crackers into Nathan’s gaping mouth with the other.

When did traveling with children become so…difficult? But then, was it ever easy? I think traveling with Nathan was a breeze when he was in the womb. I wish they made a baby carrier that simulated the womb and did not simulate a back pack. Ever since he popped out, it’s been an experiment in figuring out how to get him to sleep or how to keep him busy or how to keep him from crashing head first into the pavement. And judging from his latest bruise, we haven’t succeeded on that last point.


But Forks. I loved it. Even though the waitress forgot to set out any silverware until we had asked (No forks in Forks? OH THE IRONY!) and there were seventeen signs in our hotel room requesting that we do not clean our fishing gear with the provided towels, it was one of the most relaxing weekends we’ve had in a long time.

In Forks, there is one dentist and two Chinese restaurants. It’s amazing that in a town where you can buy your camaflouge vests at the grocery store, you can also pick up a Northwest version of Kung Pao chicken.

Some highlights:


Pushing Nathan in a baby swing that hung from this 100+ foot giant sequoia.


Letting Nathan experience fine restaurant decor.


Driving down to Rialto Beach so Nathan can play, “How many rocks can I shove into my mouth?” He won.

But my favorite?

our likeness, in wood

Mike and I found our likeness represented in wood form. The similarities are stunning.

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  1. Swistle says:

    This is maybe not QUITE what your post was EXACTLY about, but–I LOVE THAT BEAUTIFUL CAR SEAT!

  2. Butrfly4404 says:

    That tree is almost scary!! But the boy is adorable as always. I like the wood people, they look like they’re Minnesotan.

  3. that tree is amazing! oh and Jake totally has the Stunt shirt too…it’s so fitting

  4. I like the T-shirts Nate’s wearing. Also what the fork with the fork? Do you think they do it on purpose so tourists can laugh out loud at cutlery jokes??

  5. hello insomnia says:

    Swistle: Thanks. I was afraid it might be too girly because it was also featured on the Gilmore Girls and Gigi was in it.

    Butrfly: That tree was 110 feet tall. But it was incredible!

    Biddy: Those Target shirts are awesome.

    Anna: That’s why I loved Forks.

  6. Melissa says:

    Those gnomes are GNOME-tastic, I tell you… just amazing. I wish we had kitchy stuff like that in Saipan.

  7. mayberry says:

    It’s nice that they do offer rags in the lobby if you want to clean your fishing gear (or remove your makeup).

    Agree on the car seat. Love it. I see your ads appeared!

  8. Liam's Mom - Gina says:

    Good to know Forks is a real place. I read Twilight and just assumed it was a fictional place near Seattle.

    Great photos… looks like a cool place to visit. Love the beach photo!

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