Does whatever a spider-pig does

I have been purposefully avoiding all Simpsons movie references because the media is rife with spoilers. It’s as if everyone’s taken up my mother’s version of movie reviewing which is not so much to analyze the film as to eagerly share the ending with people who clearly state, “Mother, please do not tell me the ending.”

I have fallen victim many times by responding to her giddy requests to unload her rundown of the film. She would promise to tell me everything but the ending. And after a while, she’d pause, then say, “Oh. That’s all that happened. There’s nothing after that.”

It’s as if she’s the live version of this shirt.

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  1. Swistle says:

    That is so funny. My mom has trouble resisting temptation, too. She TRIES, but then she CAN’T STAND IT and HAS TO TELL.

  2. Butrfly4404 says:

    Haha…that shirt is funny. I didn’t *get* them all, hope I didn’t ruin anything for myself.

    I saw the Simpsons yesterday. It was funny. I’m not sure you could really ruin it by knowing anything. It’s like how we can watch reruns and still think they’re funny. Although there is a hilariously funny part (that you don’t expect to happen…but it does…because it CAN…because it’s not on TV) that I’ll let you see for yourself.

  3. anne at says:

    That is a funny assed shirt and a funny assed post.

    My mom psychically channels the ending in the first five minutes of watching a movie. How many times have I been pelted by collateral damage popcorn buckets after hearing, “he is going to die, and that butler over there is going to do it.”

    The worst was the very irritable repression monkeys at The Crying Game. I mean, honestly, no one else knew it was a guy?

  4. hello insomnia says:

    Swistle: What is it about mothers and their lack of restraint?

    Butrfly: Thanks for holding back. šŸ™‚

    Anne: My mom says the same things only in the form of a question. “Is he going to die? Is it murder? What’s going to happen?!?!”

  5. Dude, I just came out from under my rock after finishing Harry Potter, and now I have to go back under until I see The Simpsons?

    Where is the love, spoiling mofos?

  6. shirley eugist says:

    Oh no! Donnie Darko has been ruined for me! : (

  7. thethinker says:

    That shirt is hilarious.

  8. kerrianne says:

    I love that shirt.

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