Happy Indepants Day!


For the first time since giving birth, I worked out in the morning. And though, strapping Nathan into a jogging stroller and walking the handful of blocks from our house to the park doesn’t constitute aerobic exercise, it did require movement. And there was a hill! And not once did I stop at the McDonald’s along the way, or head back to the sanctity of my fridge (oh how you understand my needs, Frigidaire).

If I had spent money on the jogging stroller, I might be more motivated to use it. But it didn’t cost me a penny to pick it up off the internet or to fill up the tires at Aaron’s Bicycle Repair, the best bike shop in West Seattle.

I am paying for that sloppy haircut, however, since Mike vehemently detests how I ruined the perfect cut Lisa styled when I pulled Nathan’s bangs together and chopped them off with a pair of blunt scissors. Mike says Nathan looks like Nero but I think he resembles Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. I don’t know which is worse: a haircut mirroring the persecution of early Christians or one of the stupidest movies known to man.

We did manage to successfully host the “First Annual Hickey Hoe Down,” which Mike wanted to change to the “First Annual Hickey Hoes Go Down” and I in turn suggested it be called, “Not With That Name Or It’ll Be The Last Time I Ever Drive to Safeway Because You Can’t Remember That We Need Plastic Forks.”

There were burgers and babies, two sets of Lisa’s and a small pool that entertained easily-distracted toddlers. I would have taken more pictures, but Nathan dropped the camera and now the battery compartment flap does not stay shut. I did get this shot of Nathan clearly proving that you do not need to be in the water to get wet:

he doesn't need to be in the water to get wet

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    Wow. That’s…ah….that’s some haircut! You’re only supposed to do drastic things like that to your own head! šŸ™‚ ahh, it’ll grow back really fast, right?

    Sounds like you had more fun than I did. Except the camera thing – ouch.

  2. flyabuv says:

    your bebe makes me involuntarily smile no matter what I’m doing. His eyes smile, along with his mouth. So cute.

  3. he’s such an adorable baby he rocks the dumb and dumber haircut!

  4. I did that to H’s bangs not too long ago. It sucks. Oh well -it’s hair, it’ll grow back, right? As for the pool, I fill ours up and H would rather sit at the edge and splash than actually get in it. He and Nathan will be great buds if we can ever get together. šŸ™‚

  5. Mona – someone on the internet likes your bebe. (inside joke)

    My guess is there’s some place in Seattle that’ll fix your battery cover, but if not, you can just do like me and turn to trusty old duct tape.

  6. a happier girl says:

    My husband whacked my son’s hair off and it was super uneven and funky. I was annoyed for like a second but the truth is hair grows really quick so oh well. It’ll grow out soon enough. His smile is so big and sweet you hardly even notice the hair.

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