in which Nathan gets all Lionel Richie on me

Thanks to a fever, Nathan cried and moaned ALL NIGHT LONG. His fever reached 101.3 and only baby Tylenol and Teletubbies could soothe him. And who knew that such a stupid show could have shaman-like healing properties? Sometimes I want to tell Nathan that if you’ve seen one Teletubbies episode, you’ve seen them all.

Sometimes they eat tubby custard in the beginning (and there are no spoons! How do you eat a squishy substance without utencils!) or sometimes they’ll eat tubby custard after they’ve broadcasted a preschool scene from their stomaches.

If you’ve never watched this show, this makes absolutely no sense and even if you’ve watched the show, it makes no sense that I’ve actually analyzed the shot sequences or the editing and music choices.

But I am glad that he’s taken to Teletubbies. I’ve heard so much about different parenting styles like attachment parenting and now I have a style of my own: absentee parenting. Absentee parents say hey! Sometimes I’ll tell Nathan, “You put that book down right now and WATCH TELEVISION!” No son of mine is going to read at a first-grade level, unless of course, he’s 18.

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    That poor baby.

    My gawd, do I HATE the fking Teletubbies. I have no idea how they hook kids’ brains like they do. One day, I stayed home with Sunshine – who was FIVE at the time – and she insisted on watching it on TV. I said, “Well, I can’t handle Teletubbies, so you’re on your own now.” Absentee Parenting due to the inability to dumb myself down any more. šŸ˜€

  2. Hey!

  3. ick…i hate me some teletubbies

  4. Teletubbies is banned from my house.

  5. Saipan Patricia says:

    My theory on the creators and writers of Teletubbies: they are acid heads. Seriously. Either that or they consume some other type of adherent(s) as part of their “creative process”. Good ol’ PBS…in there employ, there’s a place for everyone; from Jim Lehrer to Ozzy Acid.

  6. LMAO at your take on reading!
    In regards to Teletubbies, at least it’s not the boo-baas, or whatever those floating orb things are.

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