my inner child is kind of skanky

Upon reading an old article that Angelina Jolie says she was “sexual” in kindergarten, reminds me that in kindergarten, I was a total skank and playdoh thief. I would stick playdoh under my desk so I could take it home with me. Also, I was obssessed with lifting my skirt up and mooning people. Then after a worried teacher’s note, my mom made me wear skorts. My mom still isn’t convinced that I’ve grown out of this yet.

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  1. mona i’m too afraid to scroll down to comment on your previous post because i’m scared. hehe

  2. Butrfly4404 says:

    I love me some Angie, but man is she weird.

    I loved Elmer’s glue. I’d put it all over my hands and peel it off, I’d make little hard balls of it to chew on (I know it’s gross, we’re talking about kindergarten!).

    Where’d your transformer thing go?

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