Bow Down to Washington

nathan, charging past the 30 yard line

Today was Husky Photo Day and the second time our budding family has attended the festivities. Since Mike and I are alums of the University of Washington, we hope to spend the next 18 years teaching Nathan about the fine institution and how we will disown him if he ever heads east to attend a particular university. But hold on Cougs, I’m not saying that WSU is inferior. I’m also not saying that people who attend WSU like to steal. I’m not saying that at all. You can file that into “Things Mona Is Not Saying,” where you will find other tidbits like how Mona is not saying that people in Pullman go to the drive-thru but get out of the car to get their food. I’m not saying that either.

Here’s two years of linebacker Trenton Tuiasosopo:

Don't fumble!

I’m sure Nathan has his hands up in both pictures because he’s deathly afraid of fumbling, you know how linebackers are. At least my kid’s consistent.

Nathan also shared his warm personality with the mascot.


He was clearly thrilled to hear us say, “SMILE! WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST FURRIES, NATHAN?” It could have been an amazing photo, but Nathan coug’d it.

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  1. I am proud to be raising a future Coug. In fact, shall we place a little wager on this years Apple Cup?! How about instead of money we can bet babysitting time!? Actually, heading to the Coug game at Qwest Field in a few weeks and they’re playing my alma mater! Go Aztecs!!

  2. hello insomnia says:

    At least your little Coug is adorable and not rabid. Because I’m not saying that Cougs can be infected with rabies. I’m not saying that at all.

  3. I just hope your new camera will be able to capture expressions like that one. I smell holiday card!

  4. He is in total boxing stance in those pictures. Protect the chin, that’s what I always say.

    My alma mater goes so far as to recruit “legacies” in JUNIOR HIGH by having special fall camps and tours and what-not. Little creepy. This picture thing, though, that is sheer genius. Just think, he could have a series of pictures each year, culminating in his GRADUATION picture! *TEAR*

  5. Filtering Life says:

    That is awesome! I think he was trying to look tough and manly in front of the big furry so the football players wouldn’t think he was a wuss.

  6. Butrfly4404 says:

    Very cute. Very.

    And Nathan is his usual charming self as well.

  7. OK I promise I’m not stalking you, but I’m bored at work today.

    Those pictures are SO FREAKING cute. I was raised to be a Husky (my Mike as well), and our future children EVER tried to defect to WSU.

    I think that would break our spirits. We’d give up the kids and move into the forest to live with the animals.

  8. hello insomnia says:

    Chelsea: My husband and I agree that if Nathan ever goes to the school we shall not speak of, we would disown him. Or at least give him dirty looks for the rest of his life.

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