dinner time

dinner time

This is my son feeding me a maraschino cherry. Please note that he had sucked and chewed it into red bits, rubbed it into the dishrag-swabbed table and *then* fed it to his mother.

And this game never gets old.

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    That’s what mommies are for, no?

  2. oh yum. premasticated treats are all the rage here too. eww.

  3. that’s love.
    you are a much better mom than i!

  4. Ewww, rubbed on the table? You are a *devoted* mom. No, wait, you are a saint.

  5. Ha-ha!

    And I thought my mom and my sister were the only ones who did that!

    I have a little sister, and boy, is she a trip.

    Your boy’s cute!

  6. like a library book says:

    Are you at Dennys in Burien ? I know those booths !

  7. hello insomnia says:

    library book: you win a prize!

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