in Seattle

fire on 99

the culprit

Whaddya mean you’ve never seen a truckful of Seahawks-garb-donning men toss out the flaming contents of their truck bed onto rush hour traffic and then proceed toward the game?

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  1. A blog called Hello Insomnia is bound to be an instant bosom friend of mine. I hope I can come back soon and peruse your archives at length because your bio is so interesting. Maybe then I’ll understand how you can cope with Seattle’s weather after Saipan.

  2. Butrfly4404 says:

    Are you SERIOUS!?

    Trying to get the grilling done on the way TO the game, huh??

    Hey, Gomers: Wind fuels fire. (And: Be careful what you do, you never know when there will be a blogger with a camera cathing you in the act!)

  3. Where was that? Was that was happened on the W. Sea Bridge yesterday around 11am? Can’t believe the blogger doesn’t have anything about the traffic on their site.

  4. hello insomnia says:

    Thanks Lioness! I actually don’t mind the Seattle weather.

    Butrfly: I know. And also? I know.

    Alison: This was on southbound 99 after you pass the Space Needle.

  5. I love that you can see the license number.

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