let’s paint a happy cloud

I feel like my last couple of posts have ranked high on the negativity meter and I haven’t shared the amazing things that have also been happening. I don’t consider myself a negative person, sarcastic maybe (O RLY, Mona? We couldn’t tell! You are not at all transparent!), but not a person whose number on your caller ID would warrant a immediate caller block. Not that I’ve ever done that. Recently.

I need to take a class on how to use my camera. When it comes to technical how-to’s, I’d consider myself pretty handy, but that’s only because I mostly compare myself to my husband–a grown man who still needs printed instructions on how to cut and paste. After years of being with a point-and-shoot camera, moving into the fancy realm of ISO’s and aperture settings, I admit, I am lost. That is a difficult confession to make because I pride myself on being a smarty pants and that gets me into trouble (remember the cloth diaper endeavour? Anyone wants about ten yards of polar fleece?). If you have any camera tips, please share with this humble grasshopper.

Also, Mike and I are celebrating our official two-wedding anniversary next month, but I am plumb out of ideas. The traditional gift is “cotton,” to which you might jokingly suggest, “Hey Mona, how about some tube socks?” and I’d say, “Tube socks!?! What?!? Am I made out of money? Q-Tips are the way to go, besides, they’re useful!”

How do you celebrate your anniversary?

I’ll just try to put on my happy face and that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    Thank you, Mona, for once again gracing us with your mad photoshop skillz.

    I took photography in school and learned how to work the old “good ones” (as I will so intelligently refer to them). I wanted one SOOO bad, then the world went digital. So, I got into my digicam (like six years late) and now this talk of the two combined – I like to be the smart one, too and, this isn’t making me feel very smart!

    We don’t have anniversaries yet. Not for two more years. We know that we got back together in August sometime (four freaking years ago) and never broke up, so we consider August our “anniversary month.” This year we took a trip (and he proposed). Every other year? I don’t think anything.

    Maybe…Egyptian cotten sheets? Something you can BOTH enjoy!!

  2. hello insomnia says:

    Amy: I’m sure you have a ton of Old Skool tips!

    I was thinking of cotton sheets, but I was hoping to find something less domestic.

  3. http://www.cafepress.com/brownbottlepro.111745086

    joke, joke

    James and I no longer have the money to A) go out to celebrate our anniversary, and B) buy eachother gifts. So saly, Charlie, but I have no advice.

  4. My husband and celebrate our anniversary by sharing a bottle of wine from the vineyard where we got engaged. You could do that or find anice wine from the year you were married. We also take turns cooking each other dinner. Its a nice a quiet way to reflect on our time together.

  5. Hey Smart Pants, it’s “plumb” out of ideas, not plum. Plum is a fruit.
    Just thought I would point that out.

    Your favorite Lisa

  6. hello insomnia says:

    Thanks Lisa. Not only did I fail at this post’s grammar check, I am now hungry.

  7. hello insomnia says:

    *And* at least I didn’t say that I was beer out of ideas. Because, yeah, that, too.

  8. I vote for expensive cotton bedding. Or perhaps a mega-pack of cottony-soft toilet tissue?

  9. Have you considered making your old man (no pun intended, just the facts, ma’am) something for your anniversary, something cotton, something that might require fleese, like knitted tube socks?

  10. i’m thinking a blurb book of nathan pics with a cotton cover…yeah…

    or you could just keep him from drinking anything for a while and give him cotton mouth…

  11. Seattle Mamacita says:

    here’s an idea that can combine your new camera and some photoshop skillz. make postcards (cotton paper) or just one featuring your child photshopped in places you want to travel or have already been to sans the child and send it to him…i did this for our anniversary/father’s day and my man loved it. you can see examples of the postcards on my blog the post in June called “The Postcard”

  12. Since everyone’s going with something that has to do with cotton… I would recommend a cotton covered remote control. For those times when you’re not agreeing on which channel to watch. Your husband will certainly appreciate your clairvoyance šŸ˜‰

  13. never underestimate the power of a good tube sock šŸ˜‰

    …or a q-tip for that matter…

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