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About three Christmases ago, Mike bought me my first digital camera: a Minolta Dimage F300. The only research I did was looking through two different store advertisements and randomly picking one. Not exactly the best method, but hey, I applied to Sarah Lawrence because it was mentioned in 10 Things I Hate About You. And even though I tell people I came to Seattle to go to school, it’s really thanks to Sleepless in Seattle–my favorite movie featuring Seattle. What other magical city could bring the forces of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together? I’m not counting You’ve Got Mail because 1) that movie was stupid and 2) you can totally tell that Meg already had her lips done. Sleepless in Seattle perfectly captured Meg in her fifth-grade-teacher-looking glory.

Back to my minolta–It’s been the only camera I’ve ever had. Though we’ve had many fun and awesome shots, I feel like I’ve pushed this camera to the limit. You can’t teach an old camera new tricks, especially since it’s bulky as a block of cheese. It’s the camera version of my ex: at first I was giddy with excitement over the shiny newness, the sweet romanticism in learning how someone works and three years later, idiosyncrasies have become grating and I’m picking up wadded up, crusted jack-off socks and speaking over the Counter-Strike banter just to inform him know that the microwave just beeped and dinner is ready.


I am tired of trying to shoot Nathan running and ending up with blurred edges meanwhile battling excruciating shutter lag. (Not to mention, porta-potties I didn’t notice until I had to upload to flickr.) Nathan dropped the camera a few weeks ago and since then, I’ve had to apply a strip of duct tape to keep the battery compartment shut. It’s just my way to stay classy.

I’ve heavily researched my options this time around and I’ve settled on the Canon EOS 30D. I like the options Canon offers and even though I won’t be needing many of the fancy settings now, I like to know that it’s there. And in three years, it’ll be the camera version of the best boyfriend ever and I won’t be telling it to please listen to Monster Garage at a reasonable volume and hey, by the way, I’ve circled some job ads in the paper for you.

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  1. Ooh, so exciting. I am getting a new camera for Christmas, and I can’t wait. My Kodak CX7430 Zoom has been good to me and has served its purpose, but I’m dying for something better. I’ve decided on the Nikon D40x and I spend a ridiculous amount of time over at Flickr staring at photos taken with that camera and fantasizing about the photos I will take with it. Enjoy the new camera!

  2. Butrfly4404 says:

    My first dc was, probably three years ago (a little more, maybe). My mom got it for me to replace the crappy $10 35mm cam I was using. It worked good for a while, (for a while, it wasn’t completely outdated!) but there was no sound on the video, it didn’t take good shots in some lighting, and you had to be deathly still to see any detail.

    The Man upgraded me to a Kodak Z710. I love this one. Not exactly a pro camera, but much better than what I had.

    I am still very cautious with this one. I figure, when I start lettign the kids use it, THEN it will be my time for a new one. šŸ™‚

  3. You will *not* go wrong with a Canon. I have two Canon film cameras and I *love* them. I also have an old Canon Sure-Shot that I dropped in a creek and it worked (almost) perfectly for 8 more years.

  4. hello insomnia says:

    annie–this decision is pretty hard because costco just put out an awesome D40x package with *two* lenses. And I am all about the flickr envy.

    amy–that’s sweet of your man to upgrade you. My husband balked at the price and pretty much said that I’m on my own.

    shelly–I’m glad you said that. I chose the minolta before I found out that no one ever uses it.

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