mr. bean promotes violence (in my mother)

Last night my mother and I went to see Mr. Bean’s Holiday and I returned home with several bruises.

My mother is a Mr. Bean fanatic. And fanatic isn’t even the right word to describe the devotion she has for this Brit. There’s something about Rowan Atkinson’s execution of slapstick physical comedy that sends my mother into a high-pitched laugh.

When she laughs that intensely, she feels the need to slap, hit or shake the person next to her. It’s like she really meant to give me a high-five but instead went in for a sucker punch. And between her sidearm hits, she would exclaim, “Mona! That’s how it is in Europe!”

“I know that’s how it is in Europe, Mom. Where do you think they filmed the movie?”

And despite laughter-induced matri-violence, I enjoyed watching some classic Bean moves. Next time I’m sitting out of my mother’s reach, maybe another row or better yet, another theater.

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    The Man and I are pretty excited to bring the kids to see Mr. Bean (We both grew up watching his show) – but we’re not that excited.

  2. Oh my God, my ex-best-friend had that *exact* same habit. Until the time that I threatened to strangle her in that calm, low-pitched tone of voice that means I am super serious.

  3. My children LOVE MR. BEAN like I love oxygen. They talk to him during the show…”Don’t do it Mr. Bean!”
    “Watch out Mr. Bean!”

    My kids are freaks.

  4. Love Mr. Bean! Love BBC TV. Your post cracked me up. You should have your mom watch The Vicar – funny BBC sitcom. She can watch it in the comfort of her own home. Perhaps beat some couch pillows while she’s at it. šŸ™‚

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