tool time

I need a camera bag, but I’ve been very disappointed with the color schemes available. Most of the offerings I’ve seen come in black or gray. I need something more fun but still stealth, one that does not give off “Hello, Expensive Camera Inside!!!” vibe. So I didn’t want to put it in my trunk or my scratchy bag, so I hung it around my neck and entered Target. I felt like such a tool with this heavy digital pendant, like I was the photographer version of FLAVA-FLAV! And if I wanted to feel like a tool, I wouldn’t need to drain my bank account, I could just borrow my brother’s flea market shirt that says “FBI” on the front and “Female Body Inspector” on the back.

My work held a “pirate-themed” function in which all participants wore name tags accompanied with pirate names. I accidentally rolled up the name tag and stuck it in my bag and subsequently, it stuck to my camera’s instruction manual. Now I can’t take it off without ripping off the cover. I guess it’s not so bad to be constantly reminded that I’m “One-Eyed Helga.” Where all my Cyclops girls at?!?

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  1. Not The Mama says:

    “I was like the photographer version of Flava-Flav!”

    That cracked me up! Good luck finding a great bag. If you do find one, let us know because I too would like a bag that is interesting yet stealthy.

  2. Butrfly4404 says:

    Haha. I bought a really ugly one from Wal-Mart. I’m SO cheap..I can’t justify spending a lot on a camera bag…of course, If I had a camera like YOURS, I’d probably feel differently. I still haven’t attached the neckstrap because I can’t figure out how without it seeming completely untrustable. Maybe I should read the manual. It’s not covered with a sticker, but it is probably hiding under mounds of stuff in my “closet” (aka the Pits Of Hell).

  3. heheheheehe

    i didn’t like any of the bags i saw, so i just made my own šŸ™‚

    a quick way to fix up a plain bag is to cover the strap (or the neckstrap of your camera) with a cute ribbon. It’s cheap and you can change it with your moods (just use velcro to put it on)

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