a true sign of maturity

i am a giant.

Sometimes I like to put my hand in those little tent models and pretend I’m a giant.

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  1. I just today watched the episode of Friends where Chandler takes a mini bottle of alcohol and says that he likes to buy things like that sometimes and pretend he’s a giant. That tent is perfect for that game.

  2. i love those little tent models. all i can think of when i see them, is how perfect they would have been for my barbie’s back then.

  3. i always want to steal one for my dog…

  4. shirley eugist says:

    I used to have one of these, and when I wasn’t playing Barbie-camping with it, my kitty was asleep inside of it. It was great!

  5. I think deep down inside you’re a grizzly bear.

  6. Uh… a very soft grizzly bear?

  7. hello insomnia says:

    jess: I don’t remember that episode! And I’m the Friends expert!

    joleen: my barbies missed out.

    biddy: I want to steal one for nathan.

    shirley: my cats aren’t smart enough to appreciate how awesome a mini-tent would be.

    lex: you were right the first time.

  8. grrltraveler says:

    i LOVE those little tent models as well. I hope you had a good weekend with the family! Did you ride the ducks?

  9. I have asked if I could buy those little tents. I think they’d be great for my girls’ dolls. Apparently they’re not for sale. When I ask what about when the tent model is discontinued, they just look at me like I just escaped from the loony bin (which is actually true, I do live in a loony bin).

  10. Oh, The Joys says:

    You could also do the “I’m crushing your head” thing.

  11. You are too funny! I think the same thing when I’m in Sams and see those tiny tents. I really enjoy your blog!

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