blog drunk, edit sober

Last night I brought my camera to Cactus where I had dinner with some of my PEPS peeps. I quickly realized that one thing my camera lacks is the ability to take the photo I want when I have been drinking.

I had ordered a “Cactus” margarita which arrived with a long green cactus-shaped stirrer speared into the ice. There was a cactus stirrer in my cactus margarita at a restaurant also named Cactus? GAH! TOO MUCH! I was expecting some hole to rip in the time-space continuum so I quickly grabbed my camera to capture the moment. But when I downloaded the picture this morning, it looked like the Incredible Hulk had taken hold of the camera and stuck his big angry thumb on the lens. After he had knocked back some jello shots. Clearly, not the Annie Leibovitz angle I was hoping for.

So this is a really long way to share that my sunrise picture is up at Metroblogging Seattle. They have such good taste, those Metrobloggers.

And have you seen the contestants in domino magazine’s decorating contest? Yowza.

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  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    The last time I took out my camera drunk, I ended up with 4 videos of the only kid at the BBQ dancing, a few of the actual people invited to the bbq and about fifteen of various parts of my garage roof.

    Love the sunrise picture.

  2. hello insomnia says:

    Hahaha! Funny what grabs your attention.

  3. Drunk pictures are always a good time!

  4. grrltraveler says:

    Wow, you got the FUN Peps group! We got a bunch of fuddy duddies (sp?).
    Too many breast feeders. lol

    It sounds like a good time!

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