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Last Saturday, we headed down to the South 47 Farms. South 47 sounds like a gang. Maybe a gang of white organic Eastside farmers that aggressively battle the chemical crew who come in yelling, “Pesticiiide!”

I didn’t see any Pacific islanders there, but that’s no surprise. I can spot Pacific islanders if I’m actively looking and by actively looking, I mean, turning on A&E and watching Dog the Bounty Hunter. Because that show accurately portrays how Pacific islanders always smoke meth and jump bail. You won’t see me on that show. I always pay my bondsman IN FULL.


They offered hayrides for a dollar and it would have been more fun if Nathan hadn’t tried to jump off the wagon or laugh maniacally at strangers. I had to sit on the wagon bed, (HA! No cushiony hay bale for you, mother!) to keep Nathan from exiting. When I stood up, my pants were dirty and hay covered.

All of a sudden, an old woman swept off the hay and dirt bits from my pants and I jumped. She said, “Oh, I’m not getting fresh with you dear.”

Okay, so two things: 1) how cute is that? Who says “getting fresh” anymore? and 2) Doesn’t touching a stranger’s butt fall under the definition of “getting fresh”?

I know I attract older people, but geez. This is a stretch.

And speaking of older people, I offered my husband this comedic gem this morning:

Me: So, when was the first time you saw Billy Joel in concert?

Mike: 1971.

Me: Was he calling himself William then?


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  1. You know what I am enjoying, is that outfit. It’s so Farmer Ted! I LOVE IT!

  2. Ha ha! Also, I keep thinking that woman in the sidebar Ryka ad is YOU.

  3. I just had a woman I barely know kiss me on the cheek and then smack my butt. Huh.

  4. Butrfly Garden says:

    I bet he’d only jump once. šŸ˜‰

    Love the WOEF South 47 gang. I’ll keep that name in mind when I find the time to start up my own.

  5. hello insomnia says:

    tessie: plaid shirts fit him perfectly and yes, he looks like he could work that farm.

    swistle: funny, you’re the second person to comment on that. sadly, that ad has gone away!

    crystal: unsolicited butt smacks would count as getting fresh.

    butrfly: i need to make a note of brainstorming more gang names.

  6. anne at says:

    1. Isn’t being a bounty hunter on an island pretty much shooting fish in the proverbial barrel?

    2. You are right on the cutting edge with the gang farming. Ya’ll just need a theme song now:

    Wait Till I get my money, Mona.

  7. stfu? nfw. says:

    I hope I didn’t post this three times and you have your blog set to comment approval and that’s why I’m not seeing the comment I posted earlier. I hope something on my end was broken, and *that’s* why my comment didn’t show up. Anyway.

    Did you take Nathan to a pumpkin patch last year? I want to take K to one this year, but I’m not sure where the happening patches are. Maybe you know?

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