I’m on the fence about this one

I love scary movies. Unfortunately, I am married to someone who loves scary movies as much as I cilantro. And you know how much I love cilantro. The last scary movie he saw was The Exorcist and he watched that in the theater but I think it was in black and white since color hadn’t been invented yet and they still called movie theaters nickelodeons.

But I’m pretty critical of horror movies and I haven’t seen any that give me the same adrenaline-jolt like Rosemary’s Baby or the Friday the 13th series. Except for the one movie when they rocketed Jason into space. COME ON.

And if you do like scary movies, I’d like to know what your favorites are and if you could please let me know if you’d consider the following worth seven minutes of your time. Warning: strong language.

And also? I really want to check out the Labor Day Sale at Value Village, but my mother is firmly against second-hand clothing. But since we’ll have her all weekend, I might try to convince her that we don’t observe Labor Day here and that must just be a holiday limited to Saipan, like Good Friday.

I’ve learned that if I spew out some college textbooks bits that she’ll just take my word.

So I’ll lightly memorize Walter Ong’s critiques of primary cultures and tell her, “Rhapsodizing and linking together episodes with little regard to a linear plot structure, the use of flat characters, and focusing on interaction with the audience help to foreground the elements of an oral narrative and make them easier to remember and that is why we are not observing Labor Day.”

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  1. I suggest Hostel; it’s a different kind of scary, and I loved it.

  2. shirley eugist says:

    I don’t care for “scary” movies either (scary in quotes because they really aren’t scary, just silly). In my world, “Knocked Up” sounds like the scariest movie EVER.

    However, Value Village sales ROCK! If you don’t like big crowds, I’d stay away though, because at least at the VVs here in Portland, the place is a friggin’ madhouse during those sales. Even if you mom disapproves of second-hand clothing, they still have lots of other wonderful stuff. You can’t catch a disease from a second-hand book, right? Otherwise Powell’s would have been condemned by the Dept. of Health a lo-hong time ago.

  3. anne at annenahm.com says:

    I’m either way on scary movies. I saw “Snakes on a Plane” last night (making it officially the last time I ever send my husband out to pick the movie) and your video beats it hands down.

  4. thecandyqueen says:

    It’s Israeli. Israeli’s developed voice mail technology. Of course it’s worth 7 minutes!

    My Fav is also Rosemary’s Baby. I think it’s my all time favorite actually. Do you have the dvd? You should get it so you can see the behind the scenes stuff.

  5. hello insomnia says:

    Raquel: I don’t know if I have the balla-bollas to see that movie.

    Shirley: Oh Portland is just so awesome, despite the creepy used-book germs.

    Anne: I haven’t watched that yet. But it looks more funny than it probably is.

    Rachel: I knew you’d speak up! I don’t have the DVD, but that’s the only movie where I was genuinely creeped out.

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