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Lately, Nathan will only fall asleep if he’s holding onto me. He pulls my body next to him, drapes his arm over my shoulder and one leg over my hip. At first I was touched that he clung onto his mommy like this but now it’s like, come on child, I’ve seen a double helix with more breathing room.

He’s also very fond of the game “Horsey.” I thought I lost all sense of dignity when I said, “Fine, Nathan. Throw up on mommy. At least it’s not the carpet.” But no. Bumbling on all fours with a gigantic toddler on my back sucked whatever shred of adulthood I had left. And it’s especially fun that whenever I’m sitting down, he tries to push me over even though I insist, I AM YOUR MOTHER NOT A FARM ANIMAL.

And the game he prefers to play instead of Kiss Mommy?

feed mommy

Feed Mommy.

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  1. “Mommy-tipping”! Hee hee!

  2. Butrfly Garden says:

    Do you know the other horsey game? Where you bounce them on your knee and sing (or speak) “Giddy up horsey, trot to town, take care of Nathan and don’t you fall….DOWN!” And when you say down, you drop your knee and make them fall (safely, of course! Come on!). Sunshine still likes that, but I can only do it once with her before my leg is on fire. Another favorite of my sibs was holding them up in the air with my feet while I laid on the ground and held their hands. They were then the “airplane” or whatever else they chose to be that flew. (Although, typing it out like this – I’m not sure how safe this one is, or was). Though I do have pretty nice legs after dealing with all these kids the past ten years or so.

  3. Sommer will only sleep with my arm hugging her waist and my face smashed up against her cheek. Face me! Hug me!

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