my brother can be wicked funny

So when we were in Leavenworth, a horse carriage passed us by and my brother George bellowed in a crowd of Tommy-Bahama-wearing tourists, “Yes, but how big was the horse’s poop?”

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  1. thecandyqueen says:

    You have completely lost me. Your brother is a trans-sexual?

  2. I guess some people don’t get your very wicked sense of humour!!

  3. “Cristina can you get me that remote ober der *puckers* ober der *puckers puckers*” OMF ROFL!!!! awesome, thx needed that one.

  4. My husband points with his lips, too! Oh man, that was funny!

  5. I don’t get the joke about the horse’s poop though. Why would someone ask that. Can someone explain.

  6. hello insomnia says:

    It really makes sense if you have a Filipina or Chamorro mother because that’s something so left-field, it’s bound to come out of their mouths.

    Also, the lip-puckering, too.

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