sniffing and spiderman

One thing I loved about my mother watching Nathan is that he was always clean when I picked him up. Bathtime fit in the schedule right after “HUGS!” (she really wrote out the schedule with frequent slots reserved for “HUGS!”) and before Curious George. And after my mom buzzed me in, she would let Nathan out into the hallway, where I would find him in a fresh outfit, a sweet baby shampoo smell wafting from his head. I loved the moment when he realized that it was his mother at the other end of the hall, and he would run, only to find that damn, what is this? The 5K? I’m tired. Why don’t you meet me at my end, good woman?

And this week has been a particularly hard transition for Nathan. Granted, we are very happy with our choice and the daycare provider is a sweet woman. Nathan roams through her enormous backyard and wallows in the dirt and grass. And this is obvious when we arrive at the door, and take our son home, harboring a foreign house smell with us. But if this is our only concern and it’s a very small one at that, we’re doing okay so far, right?

Nathan has a Spiderman-themed birthday party to attend tomorrow and so what’s the limit on gifts? I don’t want to look like a cheapskate, showing up with Spiderman pillow cases when everyone else brings offerings from the higher echelon of Spiderman-paraphernalia. I want to make a good impression, especially since I really like this family, so I’m aiming for a gift that falls between Spiderman tic-tacs and hiring Toby Macguire for the day, because I’m sure he has other things to do like perfecting his lame acting career.

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  1. Really? They asked you to bring Spiderman themed gifts? I always thought the theme of the party was really just the decorations. Now I feel like a bad gift giver.

  2. Oh, Spiderman is hot these days, eh? My 4-year-old nephew was shopping for “school supplies” and he started eyeing the binders and such and my sister told him that he didn’t need one as those were for “big kids”. His reply: SO HOW COME THEY HAVE SPIDERMAN ON THEM, THEN?


  3. hello insomnia says:

    Ooh, I didn’t even think of buying something other than Spiderman. But, then if I showed up with hostess fruit pies and two gallons of milk, they’ll know I went to the gas station instead of Target.

  4. I usually spend $10 on a birthday party gift, and sometimes a little under. I don’t know what’s “right,” though. I close my eyes and say “la la la” during gift-opening time, and hope that in the confusion it doesn’t matter.

    I usually don’t match the gift to the theme, because it’s more likely to result in duplicate gifts. But Spiderman pillowcases are such an awesome idea, I would do that.

  5. Butrfly Garden says:

    I’m so late, so I’m no help. But for future reference, I usually spend $15-20 on a birthday present for a kid. If it’s for the kids’ friends only, I make them pay for it and they spend $10. It does seem cheap to spend only ten bucks, but when it comes from their money and their thought, it usually turns out okay.

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