the husky den

My husband and I are proud graduates of the University of Washington. I celebrate my alma mater through a variety of UW-emblazoned sweatshirts, t-shirts and single bumper sticker.

But my husband? He paints the inside of our garage purple and gold.

the husky den

Unfortunately, the weak garage lighting leaves out the gold-painted ceiling. My husband doesn’t miss details. In addition to posting tin plates that read, “HUSKY PARKING ONLY,” he also pasted the 1992 Seattle Times article broadcasting the Rose Bowl Championship.

the husky den

the husky den

Yes, this is extreme, but that’s how it’s done in this house. On Wednesday, he came home with gallons of paint and a face full of genuine, almost boyish excitement. And even though I might display my Husky pride more mildly, I supported him because this is what he wanted to do.

This is my husband. I love him, eccentricities and all.

He’s the type of man who works in overdrive, who starts with an idea to pay homage to his favorite college team and ends up transforming our garage into the biggest UW-tribute ever. And more than that, he knows how to get to my heart by bellowing, “Honey, you’re missing a good episode of Cheaters! The confrontation is coming up!”

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  1. He sounds awesome. You’re lucky. šŸ™‚

  2. Butrfly4404 says:

    Mmm….yeah….I’m gonna say I’m glad I didn’t stick with them for my wedding colors.

    The garage is a good place for that stuff. There was kind of an unwritten rule that we would not decorate our house with “guy” stuff or “girl” stuff. So all my doll-type stuff and flowery angely stuff goes in the office and all sports-related material and the like decorate the garage.

    ps- he did a great job

  3. hello insomnia says:

    Thor and Amy: thanks for the positive comments.

  4. my husband shouts “go hawks!” at random moments from the start of pre-season until season end. then its baseball season. i swear it never ends.

  5. hello insomnia says:

    Alex: Luckily, my husband isn’t into arena football, which I guess is supposed to satisfy those needing a football fix. And it’s also stupid.

  6. We have a similar situation at my house, except it’s my husband that gets to put up with my extreme college football fandom. Though I haven’t painted the garage (and don’t plan to), he doesn’t bat an eyelash when I renew my season tickets every year for a school 2000 miles away. He even goes to some of the games with me.

    Your husband is a lucky man, and I’m a lucky girl!

  7. Lori's Light Extemporanea says:

    Not very surprising. I graduated from the University of Texas and they’re all crazy like that there.

  8. And oh yeah, not to give Mike any more ideas, but when we were looking at houses last year, we toured one that had the whole (big) shower tiled in purple, gold and white, with the Dawg on one side and the big “W” on the floor.

  9. hello insomnia says:

    Jen: I think Mike would spontaneously combust.

  10. My Mike & I are going to paint the office in the famous purple and gold – but with purple at the bottom and then the gold in a stripe in the middle.

    YAY Huskies.

    We were going to do the bedroom, but I havemylimits.


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