blame it on the Rainn

I’m a little sad today because of an invitation I received.

Dwight from The Office will be at my alma mater this Friday and I have a work event to orchestrate that night.

Is it also ironic that it’s sponsored in part by the MONA FOUNDATION?

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  1. I say blow off the work event. An evening with Dwight sponsored by the Mona Foundation definitely takes higher priority.

  2. hello insomnia says:

    I wish. But it’s an event that I’m running that night, so if I’m not there and instead enjoying some Dwight goodness, I’d get fired. *weeps*

  3. thecandyqueen says:

    I did not know he was a UW Alum. Is he a Seattle native? Is that why his name is Rainn? It’s all coming together.

    Too bad you don’t have a clone!

    And more importantly, is the MONA Foundation an acronym? What does it stand for?

  4. He’s a UW alum too? Man, we’re awesome.

  5. mrs. blogoway says:

    Is the MONA Foundation anything like the Darma Initiative?

  6. hello insomnia says:

    mrs. blogaway: that’s what I was hoping it would be!

  7. hello insomnia says:

    blogoway. corrected. i can’t type because i’m too sad.

  8. stfu? nfw. says:

    I’m not a UW grad, but I worked at the company that designed the remodel on the hall that Rainn is speaking at. Am I still cool?

    Also, B got his bday present a wee bit early. He went with the XTi.

  9. That’s very cool. But sucky that you can’t go.

  10. Butrfly Garden says:

    Too strange. I must have missed this one. Love me some Dwight. Haha, last night, his obsession with the guard’s eyes!! hahahah!

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