In which I stared at a lot of boobs but in a non-lesbonic way, though there’s nothing wrong with that ’cause, hey, everyone experiments freshman year

Last Friday night, I thought the world was against me attending the very swank Seattle Mom Blogs party. I lost the mapquest directions on the way there, even though I had them on my lap. I had to pull over and do a thorough search before I concluded that I sat on the directions and my ass ate them. But what could I do? My ass needs directions!

I’m glad I didn’t let my ass get in the way because it was such a blast and I mean that genuinely, not in the Baby-sitters Club sense of the word because those girls didn’t have a firm grasp of adjectives. I mean, I don’t remember anything about them taking infant CPR classes, only sticking straws in oranges for a “fun treat” or how Claudia Kishi was oh-so-stylish with her cosby sweaters and STIRRUP PANTS.

But enough about my ass and 90s-lit-references. The Seattle Mom Blogs party was sponsored by Method. When I told Mike about it, he asked if it was about birth control. Right, environmentally-safe cleaning products totally make me think about the Rhythm Method. This is why I am on the search for the father of Nathan’s half-brother or half-sister.

I was afraid that I would have to be on guard since this was a party full of bloggers and there was a good chance that there’d be posts about some drunk woman named Mona who thought there was going to be a game of quarters, but then suggested a round of “organic quarters.”

It was an interesting game of staring at boob-level name tags to figure out, oh yes, I’ve read your blog or oh yes, you’re the one getting married or you’re the one who just had a baby. It was like a game of Guess Who, only not annoying and now with cocktails!

And of the many, many awesome moments of the night was when Kathryn asked me if Mona was my real name. I had never thought of Mona as a fake name. Kathryn shared that she writes the way she talks and I would talk the way I write if I had a delete key near my mouth or a button that says, “Save this inane anecdote as draft, Mona.”

Seattle Mom Bloggers, I heart you.

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  1. I love this post… totally makes me laugh… and I LOVED getting to hang out with you! We must do it again soon!

  2. You know it’s a par-tay when the cleaning products are displayed from the very beginning!

    I am jealous of any and all blogger meet-ups — glad you had fun.

  3. I loved meeting you! And you summed the evening up perfectly!

    I am totally cracking up that your husband thought it was going to be about birth control though, Doh!

    Can’t wait for the next time!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Great post. You are way cool. That picture of me smelling the mirror is hilarious!

  5. It was great meeting you…I love your sense of humor…can’t wait for the next time…If I knew you were looking at boobs, I would have wore a better bra.

  6. Thanks to you, the last 2 hours of my morning has been spent reading about The Babysitters Club. Oh how I loved those books!!

  7. Butrfly Garden says:

    So many things to say, where do I start?

    Babysitter’s Club – LOVED them. But not enough to write that Wiki about them. WHO has that much time!?!? Claudia was my favorite.

    Method Party – Oh. Em. Gee. Did you meet my girl Worker Mommy???? (Goes by S___ irl). I didn’t even put together that you’d be at that party. Why don’t they do anything cool for Minnesota Bloggers? Oh, yeah. Minnesota.

    Great pictures! Glad you had a good time. And? LOVE the shirts!

    Now I have to go find out if WM told them my ideas on the bottles or not. (haha)

  8. BSC!!!!! Loved them.

    And am totally jealous of the meet-up. Sure wish NC bloggers would do that.

  9. Chickenbells says:

    Oh how fun for you guys! We have a blog meet up this next Saturday for the tiny town I live in…

  10. stfu? nfw. says:

    Looks like it was a fun party! And what a cool little photo thing. Is that through Flickr?

  11. hello insomnia says:

    stfu: click on the “info” button on the right hand corner and take the steps from there to create your own. Easy squeezy!

  12. The Daring One says:

    I am seriously so jealous of your camera. I was eyeing it all night and the pictures turned out great.

    I love this writeup and I’m so glad we got the chance to meet. Here’s to our next adventure!

  13. And now I will forever think of birth control when I use my Method products.

    And also, MY TOES!

  14. Oh, The Joys says:

    What fun!

  15. Oh, I’m so jealous. I will never – in all liklihood – meet any of the bloggers I read. It’s sad.

  16. Worker Mommy says:

    Loved meeting you ,Ms. Thang. Hope we get to hang again.

    Uh yeah and tell Butrfly (Amy )nothing šŸ˜‰
    Tell her she’ll just have to mosey her way over to the Pac NW if she really wants the good on WM.(plus it would be such a blast to have her here)

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