there was much swearing when this happened


This is unfortunate.

I can’t even blame it on Nathan, though I’m sure I could and you all would nod with sympathy while thinking, “Are you sure YOU didn’t do it, Mona? This looks like your work.” You caught me. A toddler would have left a peanut butter smear. And pee.

My camera slipped from my hands and landed on the hardwood. If I had softwood floors, I wouldn’t have this problem. Or if I lived in one of those inflatable bouncy houses or in Strawberry Shortcake’s house because she lived in a cake made of strawberry! I could just eat around my lens! Problem solved, tummy full, high five!

The filter is shattered and bent so I can’t twist it off to examine the lens underneath. Rest in peace, 17-85mm.

Last night I picked up a 24-105mm lens and 430EX speedlite and now I can finally take the pictures I want without having to load up Photoshop.

You see right through me, internet friend! I really just want to take pictures of my cat, Lilo!

Lilo knows I am transparent.

And can I ask why there is so much hate toward women, particularly mothers, who purchase higher-end cameras? I’ve read some blog banter recently that cut through moms with cameras, pointing out that they can never ever call themselves photographers. How dare they mention the word photography! I must always refer to it as square things with my son’s face in the middle. Granted, I am not a professional photographer by any stretch, but those kind of comments shut out those like me who find photography fascinating and cathartic. Tell me, who spiked the punch with haterade?

But you don’t feel that way, right, my sweet internet friend? If we went bowling, you would totally let me win, which would mean you would have to aim for the gutter so my single digit score would pwn you. That’s the kind of relationship we have, you l33t hax0r!

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  1. Type (little) a says:

    If that were my lens I would have TOTALLY cried. And we have hardwoods, too, not the house made entirely out of Nerf like I wanted once my daughter started crawling.

    You know what sucks about bowling now? With the fancee electronic score card for everyone to see, it is impossible to cheat when keeping score. Sucks. I wouldn’t have to LET you win, cuz I super suck at bowling.

  2. Ah, but there’s the difference-you take good pictures that I WOULD call photography. The majority of crud on teh interwebs-NOT photography.

    kitty kitty kitty!

    And that sucks about the lens. That’s why I’m nervous about ever buying my own expensive camera. I WILL drop it.

  3. Butrfly Garden says:

    Shit. That sucks!! I’m freaked out to drop my kodak! Damn hardwood floors!

    If it’s any consolation, the picture OF your broken lens is quite nice.

    About the whole photography thing, sometimes it seems like everyone with a blog and a camera can call them selves a photographer. True meaning, yeah, they are. They are photographing things. But there is something specific that good photographers have…and it’s not even the same thing for all of them. It’s just something that sets them apart and makes their pictures special. I can snap a photo of something cool I come across – but you have a talent for capturing emotion and feeling in your pictures. So, I guess, I kind of do agree (with the general statement I think they are making – I didn’t read it, though) – but you definitely don’t fit into that. (And of course I don’t agree that just because you’re a mom you CAN’T be that. That’s idiotic.)

    I have spent many hours lately going through online photo galleries looking for a photog for my wedding and really – some have “it” and some just don’t. You do. (Hey, what are you doing next septemeber?? Feel like taking a trip to the Land O’ Lakes?? I don’t pay well, but I’m fun to be around!)

  4. Dude, I GASPED. OUT LOUD. Those fucking hardwoods. We have them too and the only saving grace is seeing the dogs scramble around and then slide around the corners on their asses.

  5. Artemisia says:

    Oh. This knocked the wind out of me.

    I think it is INFURIATING that people thing that MOMS cannot possibly be ANYTHING ELSE. Let alone very, very good at anything else.

    Woman hatred runs deep.

  6. hello insomnia says:

    Type little a: I did cry. Inside. But then I would have to realize that it was really my fault. And I’m not at the stage of grief yet.

    Thordora: Thanks. I like the discussion you had at your blog, which wasn’t hateful at all, but in light of what I’ve read on the interwebs, it makes me wonder. Still, I need to be more responsible with my belongings. Especially the expensive ones.

    Butrfly: Photography’s a craft, just like writing. The more you work on it, the better you get. Oh and Amy, I’d totally shoot your wedding for free.

    Tessie: I have the cat version of that fun. And the toddler version when Nathan wears socks.

    Artemisia: I can see it from their perspective but I think it’s unfair to exclude people who genuinely are interested. Like me!

  7. noooooooooooo!!!!!

  8. thecandyqueen says:

    Lilo looks crazy. Last weekend I was watching the news in the morning and there was a cat show at some hotel. It was called “The Jazzy Cats Cat Show.” Intriguing.

    Sorry bout the camera!

  9. just found your blog through betternow’s comments. you are hilarious! just wanted you to know i stopped by, and that i am not nearly as funny as you are.

  10. stfu? nfw. says:

    Oh no! šŸ™

    B’s birthday is in 3 weeks. To mark the occasion, he gets all the credit card points turned into Best Buy gift cards to put toward a DSLR. I think he’ll go for the Rebel XTi, but the 40D calls to him. I also think I might be more excited about his present than he is.

    We have hardwoods, too. I hope he doesn’t drop whatever camera he ends up getting. I hope *I* don’t drop whatever camera he ends up getting.

    BTW. I keep meaning to thank you for the pumpkin patch info!! We plan to take her tomorrow.

  11. Isn’t it totally ironic that a picture of a broken camera, actually makes a great picture?

    I found you through a suggestion from
    I have been laughing myself insane ever since…thanks!

  12. hello insomnia says:

    bananas: that’s what I said, only in a slow-motion low octave.

    thecandyqueen: that cat *is* crazy. she runs after imaginary mice.

    willikat: thanks, and thanks for reading!

    stfu: Yes, the 40D is sooo nice. We could be camera cousins! I hope you have fun at the pumpkin patch!

    rachel: thanks! I really like ohquepasa’s photos.

  13. That just hurts to look at.

  14. That photo made me gasp. SO ENVIOUS of your flash!

    And who are these haters of us photography lovers? Boo to them!

  15. Oh Mona, so sorry. I would have blamed it on the cat.

  16. Melinda Zook says:

    What a chuckle you gave me in this very late, ultra humid October night (after lots of wine and nachos, eek my GERD). Anyway, if you haven’t copyrighted the line “who spiked the punch…” you’d better because that is f…ing awesome!

  17. Oh NOOOOO, the lens! Ha ha, the title.

    I think mommies are particularly hated. Mommies should not write or read or take photos or think of themselves as skilled in any way. Therefore, when they DO write, they must be referred to dismissively as “mommybloggers,” and what they read must be called “chick lit,” and when they take pictures they must be belittled.

  18. Ouch, that picture of the cracked lens was like a kick in the gut. I dropped my camera once, luckily on carpet, and ALWAYS wear that damn stupid-looking camera strap around my neck now.

    Your cat looks just like our cat, but with chubbier cheeks. Ours is Milo.

  19. I love your pictures!

    And, I’m so glad you replaced that lens quickly! Way to hustle! šŸ™‚

  20. Oh, so sad! My first thought was, “Please tell me that’s a filter.”, but then you said the lens underneath was destroyed too.

    And I had no idea there was hatred for mommies who buy high-end cameras. I’m sure with all the equipment I’ve bought in the last six months, they would really hate me. But I am establishing myself as a professional photographer and I’m damn proud of my work. I’d challenge any of them to display their photos alongside mine. Hmmm! Can’t be a photographer! Just watch me.

  21. Stephanie says:

    Sad! What a cute kitty!

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