this is what you get when you marry me

Me: I want an iPhone.

Mike: That’s what’s wrong with your generation. You always want the latest gadget.

Me: What about your generation? Did you go out an buy an 8-track player?

Mike: Yeah, but I didn’t have to have it the moment it came out.

Me: Well, that’s understandable. I mean, didn’t they just make movies in color? How old were you when they stop calling them talking pictures?

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  1. I like that! My husband and I have a bit of an age gap, not like yours, but more than is usual. I’ll have to remember the “talkies” thing. šŸ™‚

  2. *snort*

    You – 1

    Mike – 0

  3. Butrfly Garden says:

    The man and I have four years between us, but sometimes that’s just enough for one of us to be completely clueless on something. Like, he doesn’t know what POGS are.

    That’s what Mike gets. You can’t criticize a younger generation without being reminded of YOUR age.

  4. That deserves an Iphone. You must be rewarded for your quick wit!

  5. Hilarious!

  6. thecandyqueen says:

    Jeff has an iPhone. It’s pretty slick. It makes my Sidekick 3 look like a toy from the Flintstones. It came in handy on the road too. Let’s say you’re somewhere that doesn’t have internet, you can use your phone to get directions, order a pizza, etc…You should get it.

  7. stephanie says:

    oh you *totally* earned the iphone with this one.

  8. RAMONA! (lol)

  9. Heh. I wish I were faster with the clever retorts.

  10. Julie Pippert says:

    I’d LMAO and send you a kudo on that wisecrack reply, but err, I think you just inadvertently called me *old.* Which is really, really awkward, you know, when you deep down secretely suspect you just might actually be *worthy* of that a moniker. Sort of sucks the sense of humor right on out.

    But here, a little one: lol.

    Because that was pretty good.


    Using My Words

  11. Technosexual: A person, male or female, who is so deeply enthralled with technology they discuss it with a level of passion that most people reserve for sex. Not always a geek or a nerd, but generally someone who has the latest and greatest everything.

    She became so excited about her new laptop and PDA that her friends knew she must be technosexual.

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