Who’s a winner?

I won this shoes!  I am a winner!

I entered the Ryka free shoe contest ages ago but never received a “Hey you won!” email so imagine my Christmas-morning excitement when I got home yesterday and found these beauties waiting for me! Now you know someone who won!

But let me warn you that this is not the time to tell me, “Hey Mona, I just won the lottery! Now you know someone with a million dollars,” because I will use these babies to run to your house and kick your ass. That’s really how Million Dollar Baby should have ended. She should have worn these sweet Ryka shoes and taken that German down! Why doesn’t anyone consult me on these things?

Also check out my new column, “The Frugal Femme,” over at Seattle Mom Blogs. I plan to use this column to share how I keep my wallet from hemorraghing. Don’t you want to know, you crazy diamond! Shine on!

This week, I’ve listed out my Freecycle and Craigslist magic skillz. Cause girls only want bloggers with skillz.

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  1. Type (little) a says:

    Now that you are offering to run cross country to kick my ass, that makes me want to win the lottery EVEN MORE, if that’s possible.

    Aren’t those the sneakers that are filled with nitrogen or something? If so, cool. šŸ™‚

  2. Melinda Zook says:

    That has to be the coolest. I have never seen Million dollar baby but I think it would be funny if that was the storyline. Congrats on your new sneaks.

  3. Yeah — free stuff!


    Go Mona, go Mona, GO GO GO Mona!

  5. Oh, I TOTALLY prefer your ending to Million Dollar Baby! The real ending made me want to hurt somebody.

  6. Butrfly Garden says:

    I don’t know how MDB really does end because I fell asleep. Yours sounds good though, I’ll pretend that happened.

    Love your new column!! And congrats on being a winner! I am still a loser to date. Although…I did win $3 on the Powerball!!!

  7. shirley eugist says:

    The first shot looks *exactly* like one of the Peanuts characters when they’re saying, “AUGH!” : )

  8. shut up! i won too (like a month and a half ago)! i didn’t know they were still giving them away!? go us!!

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