casual day

high school

Here are the most asexual uniforms ever. Our chests imploded under the vests and the pleated skirts fanned out like drawn movie theater curtains. As if I didn’t have enough issues with my body, I had to strap myself into this polyester get-up every morning and assure myself that as long as I could use my tongue to tie a cherry stem into a knot, someone would want me. At least I would be fun at parties.

Casual Day came once a year, like the Christmas we weren’t allowed to have because the school said Jesus was not born in December and Santa Claus was pagan. Also pagan: the Easter Bunny and Barney.

Casual Day also coincided with my goth phase, so instead of wearing my black penguin suit, I wore a long black skirt and a puffy white blouse. I completed the outfit with an ankh, heavy eyeliner, and a moral compass that pointed to the darkside.

And when I wasn’t scrawling long odes to my pain–oh the abyssmal, unique teen pain–I was yelling, “CIRCLE JERK!” at cameras long before my friends knew what that meant.

If I didn’t have photographic proof, would you believe me?


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  1. Other than you, I can point out one other girl – Jen. But the girl who is second from the left looks a little like Emily C.

    You teenage angst was expressed through goth clothing and heavy eyeliner…mine through baggy clothes, bandanas, and heavy eyeliner.

  2. um, “Your”, not “you”.

  3. Butrfly Garden says:

    Seriously…do you have any pics of you dressed goth? That’s awesome.

    I would have freaked out having to wear uniforms. Though it might have saved me from those awkward first few months of high school when I learned that the “Save the planets” t-shirts were no longer “cool.”

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