giving thanks

Thank you all for your wonderful comments over Nathan’s profound two-word vocabulary. I feel much better knowing that I’m not going crazy here, even though the beginning of this sentence is totally something a crazy person would say. So as long as I’m not shouting at cars or wearing tattered camouflage gear and mumbling apocalypse predictions into a walkie-talkie, I feel like I can handle this.

Nathan is just absorbing the world around him and soon, maybe on his own or maybe with professional help, he’ll be able to express that verbally. He’s fine. He will be fine.

Thank you again for being wonderful and supportive. I’d take you all out to the arcade so we could play air hockey and when I’d try to let you win, you’d fake a wrist injury so I’d win by default. Even in my hypothetical show of gratitude and appreciation, you are still awesome.

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  1. I stink at air hockey šŸ™‚ But you are ok, and so is he, love.

  2. anne at says:

    Thinking good thoughts for you. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Good thoughts from over here, too. Nathan is a wonderful little boy and he has the best and most supportive parents in the world. He has everything he needs. He’s fine and so are you. Much love from me and mine to you and yours.

  4. Rachel (rasputina1) says:

    My sister is going through this with her son who is three and still mostly babbles. After all the stupid tests, he is “normal”, happy, and fine. But if it wasn’t this to worry about, it would be her daughters large head. And when the doctor said, “If her head is still this big next appt, we may need to do an MRI.” Why the hell would you say that? So, of course, she stared at her little girl’s head for a solid month and worried. Oh, and she’s fine too. Nathan is adorable, and like you said, so happy! And pretty soon after the 500,000,000th time he asks, “Why?”, you’ll wonder why you ever were concerned. = )

  5. Chickenbells says:

    Oh…air hockey is fun…I wish that doctors wouldn’t throw mother’s into a panic at their constant comparisons…That boy looks so happy…it’s worth a thousand “hello, mama…how you doin? What’s for dinner? Can I have some candy? Let’s go to the park!!”

  6. I went on a trip to Paris once, or so I thought. I was really looking forward to seeing all the old buildings and art. But I ended up on the wrong plane and found myself in Holand. I was disappointed until I realized just how beautiful Holand was, with all those tulips and such. Point I am making is that Nathan is just as beautiful and wonderful as he ever was, just different than you thought he would be right now. So at this exact moment he may not be Paris, but hey, tulips are beautiful and wonderful too.

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