I am thankful for deep fryers

To celebrate our first Thanksgiving, Mike and I went to his favorite Seattle restaurant: The Old Country Buffet. It’s your typical buffet joint, complete with mirrored walls to magnify how much jello and prime rib they’re serving that night. You’ll be awestruck that the selection Mike loves this place so much, he doesn’t even say its full name. Just OCB. He’s on abbreviation-basis with the Old Country Buffet.

One reason why I love my husband so much is that he’s pretty simple when it comes to food. But that also means he’s reluctant to try new recipes, particularly when they have fancy ingredients that do not come in a Costco-sized green tub or are not made by Kraft Foods.

When I suggested making butternut, bacon and sage soup, he shot back with, “Do we live in Manhattan? Do I eat salsa made in New York City?” [This is when you say in disbelief, “New York City?!?”]

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’ve decided to do something different. Instead of making our yearly trek to the the grocery store to pick up the Thanksgiving dinner box–a cold delivery of turkey, pumpkin pie, rolls and two sides–I want to cook this year, not merely reheat or pull out the mashed potatoes from the microwave halfway to stir.

I convinced Mike that at least some of our dinner should be semi-homemade, like Sandra Lee, only without the weird boob rack she hauls around. Come on lady, I thought silicone was out along with shoulder pads.

I’m hoping for the best on this one since I’m not very skilled at executing recipes. I tried to make the chicken salad in Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook Deceptively Delicious. I cut up the chicken, eggs, and celery, stirred the mixture along with other ingredients and scooped it into a tupperware container. When I opened it the next day, it smelled like someone had opened up the container, released a sulphuric fart into it and sealed it up again. Farts may be deceptive, but they’re not delicious.

Okay moving on, this year, I want deep fried turkey. We are not deepfrying this ourselves. Because it is a technical and delicate process, Mike would ask me to figure it out, and I would likely set his precious University of Washington garage on fire. So next week we are bringing a turkey to Willie’s Taste of Soul BBQ where Willie’s deep fryer will give me the heart-clogging richness that only canola oil can bring.

And speaking of food, Ashley is offering up a $40 Amazon gift card to those who dish up comments about their most memorable meal. You have until 8PM PST to enter. Check it out here and please look around her site which is so full of food picture goodness, you will lick your screen. That’s the only kind of electronic tonguing I condone. Please don’t lick your keyboard. That makes it hard to type.

Tangent: We agreed never to eat out on Christmas because the last time we did, Mike made some stupid comment to the waitress that, “Hey, it’s a holiday so you must be making a lot of money tonight,” and the woman burst out into tears right at our table, stammering a “No, I’m not,” before taking our drink orders.

That was the saddest diet coke I’ve ever had.

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  1. Mrs. Blogoway says:

    How funny! My husband LOVES buffets too. He’s so easily pleased and is confused by gourmet food.

    I love the food network but I absolutely cannot watch Sandra Lee. Like you said.. the boobs. And also I hate her “tablescapes”. They’re always totally over-done.

  2. We call it OCB too!

    The last two Thanksgivings we have eaten at GOLDEN CORRAL. No butternut bacon sage soup for us (Get a rope!)

  3. ewww sandra lee!

  4. mamacita chilena says:

    I cracked up at the last thing you wrote…that is the saddest diet coke I ever had.

    I was at a Denny’s once (so you know the waitress obviously isn’t making much money) and she was telling us how she saved up all her tip money to buy a show dog to enter him in some contest where the prize was like $5,000…and when she got home from work one day the babysitter was asleep on the couch and her son had used finger nail polish to paint the whole dog red. It wouldn’t come out and she lost like $2,000 she had invested on the dog.

    That’s my saddest diet coke story. she probably told it to all her customers though, i think we left her like a $20 tip after eating $5 worth of french fries 🙂

  5. thecandyqueen says:

    I was going to blog very similarly today…Not only am I a Jew who loves Christmas, but I LOVE planning and executing a big fancy meal. I am so excited to cook this year just for me and Jeff. I get almost all my recipes from Martha Stewart…She never fails!

  6. A few friends and I used to venture to the suburbs of Chicago for a grazing at the OCB.
    We would go for the last hour of breakfast and ride the wave of nausea well into the lunch hour.
    There’s something to be said for chocolate milk on tap, my friend.

  7. hello insomnia says:

    crystal: those tablescapes annoy me–so pretentious.

    tessie: do they actually have ropes and cowboy decorations there? cause that would be teh awesome.

    cee: ditto.

    mamacita: that story’s worth a $20 tip.

    thecandyqueen: martha stewart intimidates me.

    kevin: I must try the chocolate milk next time around, but only *if* there’s growth hormones in it. I have my standards.

  8. mmmmmmm. deep fried.

  9. Butrfly Garden says:

    It is referred to as the OCB in our house, as well! When NB was little, he called it the “Old Crunchy Buffet” – given which location we ate at then (cough*ghetto*cough), he wasn’t too far off.

    I LOOOOOVVVEED that place when I was pregnant.

    I did TG dinner once. For TM’s family. All by myself! Then I cleaned it up. All by myself! And I swore – NEVER AGAIN! Well, not until my mom retires it anyway.

  10. “Farts may be deceptive, but they’re not delicious.”


  11. “Farts may be deceptive, but they’re not delicious.” OMG Mona I deeply love your blog. You crack me up EVERY TIME!!!

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