In a past life

in a past life...

There was a time when I could say, “Yes,, I am a returning customer.” I was in love with cuban-heeled stockings and patent leather pumps. Now this raunchy-retro-wear sits in a duffel bag in my closet. I don’t have the heart to give it to those who truly need six-inch-heels like maybe some homeless drag queen shelter.

I love the way my life is now, that I can still pull out my goody bag and play dress up while figuring how much time I have to take this shot and run back to the kitchen before the chicken stir fry burns up.

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  1. anne at says:

    Damn. All my goodie bag has left in it is a econo vat of Bayer Asprin and some cobwebs.

  2. hawt damn!

  3. Wow, you can walk in those things? Crazy…

  4. I love those stockings. HOT. I would fall and die in those shoes. Fall and die in front of strangers who would laugh at me.

  5. Chickenbells says:


  6. I’d wager you could still rock it

  7. Mamacita Chilena says:

    HOT! So hot! But yeah, like every other commenter on here I wouldn’t be able to walk in those either, so mad props to Mona for that!

  8. la vie joie says:

    Those are some high heels!

  9. mom of the year says:

    I am so with you. I just can’t part with the stuff. Why? Certainly not so my daughter can play dress up with it (I’d be mortified). Perhaps I’m clinging to the insanity that was once my version of sanity.

  10. Butrfly Garden says:

    My “past life” clothes include six inch Steve Madden boots, size size Calvin jeans and backless tank tops. Yep. Still have them. Even though pregnancy made my body swell to the point where I can’t even fit my foot into the boots, my calves (yep, that’s where they stop) in the jeans and the tanks tops fit me like sports bras – I still have them.

    It’s not so much that I think I’ll ever fit into them (or if I did, have a place to wear them TO…”Yep, that’s my mom. The one with half a shirt on.”) – but that I like to have something to bring back those memories and remember how effin cool I was before I was just Mom.

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