Nathan is in the way of my fitness goals, but what’s new

Last night, I sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to Nathan as I put him to bed. Because I had his enormous head cradled in the crook of my arm, I could only make spider gestures with one hand. Now I’m worried that instead of singing him a sweet (albeit off-key) lullaby, I’ve taught him gang signs. Great. I just wanted to put him to bed, not make him a member of the Crips.

I’m glad there wasn’t a new episode of Pushing Daisies last night since the one-handed lullaby ditty/gang sign demonstration really wore me out. (Bring it, daylight savings time! IT’S ON!) Is anyone else enjoying this show as much as I am? It has the same fast paced wit as Gilmore Girls but it doesn’t make me sneer at rich people. Only, in last week’s episode, Ned claimed that Chuck’s childhood memory of his peeing his pants wasn’t because he was scared, it was because the brie was runny. Kids eating brie before the age of 13? White privilege says what?

And speaking of television, here’s what the fall season will look like without writers (via Best Week Ever):

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  1. bananafana says:

    I am also totally loving Pushing Daisies but we’re like 2 weeks behind and I am also totally getting my ass kicked by Daylight Savings. I thought we were in the clear when Sunday went well but NOW we’re in hell. damnit
    oh and if the office gets screwed up because of the strike I will cry a little

  2. That’s why Arizona is great, because of the no daylight savings thing. That’s why I stay here because I am so damn confused by DST. I just don’t think I could live with knowing it was actually a different time and all the people were just lying to themselves about what time it was. That is so Twilight Zone.

    Oh, and I love Pushing Daisies also. Very Amelie mixed with the Walgreen’s commercials about the town Perfect.

  3. anne at says:

    You know, the whole cast of Lost in tassles, swinging around a pole in slow-mo seems like quality entertainment to me. Does it count if I had to write that idea down?

  4. thecandyqueen says:

    I haven’t seen that show yet, but you had me at “Gilmore Girls.”

  5. Mrs. Blogoway says:

    I love PD too! I’ve never seen so many jokes centered around cheese. It’s hilarious.

    Those ads for TV without writers was funny. Grey’s Anatomy isn’t too far from that though. What’s happened this year?

  6. I haven’t watched Pushing Daisies yet. I think I might have to give in… when it comes back.

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