While my brother and I watched The Siege

Me: Have you seen this movie before?

George: Yeah.

Me: What’s going to happen?

George: Denzel Washington’s going to convince the terrorists that he should be on the bus and he’s going to trade places with all the hostages.

*Bus explodes. Hostages inside die.*

George: No, wait. The bus explodes and the hostages inside die.

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  1. That’s crazy! I’ve explained that movie the exact same way as your brother. I think most people who have seen it just hope for a more positive storyline.

  2. He and Miss Cleo are peas in a pod…

  3. I am so behind in movies…

    As for the 40D – yes – I got ot two weeks ago.

    Matthew did not want me to post about it due to his crazy family, so I just posted it on Flickr šŸ™‚

  4. I do that alot just to throw off whoever was asking. Also, that movie came out before 9/11 which was a bit freaky for me… šŸ˜®

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