Beggars can’t be choosers, even if they write out detailed shopping lists

Me: Honey, this isn’t diaper cream.

Mike: It’s not?

Me: No. This is a large bottle of baby lotion.

Mike: Really?!?

Me: Yes, really. I’ve never heard of a diaper cream called, “Giggles and Grins.”

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  1. it’d be great if it was called “Shits & giggles” though, eh?

  2. if we could just equip the fathers of our children with a remote control and some sort of remote camera device so that when they were at the store we could manipulate them and get them to the right aisle and right product………

  3. I’d be curious as to the marketing dept. “strategy” if they did name it that!

  4. Chickenbells says:

    I’m with Flutter on this one…shits and giggles would be great! Like that Dirty Girl Soap…

  5. Mine came home with denture glue the other day. I’m all “this is NOT toothpaste.” We still have it. I’m thinking it would be offensive to offer it to my grandmother, no?

  6. Never Let Them Shop Alone: Reason Number 2,566

  7. diaper cream? what in the world is that?

    ‘Giggles and Grins’ would be more appropriate a name if found on a bottle that mommy and daddy uses, instead of a baby lotion.

    I’ve learned from my mistakes and now carry my cell with me whenever i’m out buying stuff for wifey =)

  8. Julie Pippert says:

    That’s *hilarious!*

    Using My Words

  9. Men.

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