Chuck Norris doesn’t have a Google Reader. Google has a Chuck Norris Reader.

I was reading Nathan a book about animals when we stopped for gas at Costco today. I was kneeling backward on my seat, leaning over the chair and asking my son what sounds the animals made. I had asked him about dogs when he started the deep bellied Rice a Roni laugh.

I regret not buying the FLIP video camera while we were shopping because I didn’t have a way to capture my son going into hysterics. I did hold the camera up and wave it at my husband, subtly hinting, “Hey look here! This would make a GOOD PRESENT. Especially if you are looking for a GOOD PRESENT.”

I live for Nathan’s guttural laugh and would do anything to keep the red-faced giggles going, even if it means having my butt suspended in air while I bellow, “WHAT ABOUT A…DOGGIE! WHAT ABOUT A…DOGGIE!”

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  1. his laugh is the king of all laughs. i LOVE it!!!!

  2. Oh man, nothing is better than a Rice a Roni laugh!!

  3. Chickenbells says:

    Oh his laugh makes me cry with joy! Seriously…I love me some Rice A Roni…but that laugh? I love it even more!!

  4. Type (little) a says:

    Wow. Damn kid just killed me DEAD with the cuteness.

  5. Adorable, Mona. I am going to call you soon!

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