in which I make someone else’s wedding all about me

pound it

My very pregnant friend Kim married her beau Sean yesterday. I offered to take pictures because that’s what friends with dSLRs do, along with stepping in before you drunkenly resurrect the “raise the roof” arm pump on the dance floor.

I was jittery walking into the courtroom because 1) we were late thanks to someone who didn’t drive aggressively and whose name ends in “usband” and 2) HOLY HARRY POTTER THIS IS A WEDDING! CONTROL YOUR PARKINSON’S FOR ONE NIGHT WOULD YOU? I don’t think I could handle wedding photography until I had some mortal kombat shaolin photography training. I don’t deal with confrontation very well, especially when it’s from some mega-bride who will find out that I didn’t set the exposure correctly and will use her superupper cut to my torso along with some cheating moves she downloaded off the internet until her bridal party yells, “FINISH HER!”

Luckily, my friend Kim is a sweet woman who never played Mortal Kombat and appreciated the photos I did take.


Requisite maternity heart.

mr. and mrs. white

I never went to a prom, but I’ve heard they stand like this. Rumor has it, couples dance awkwardly to Journey ballads and get into crazy booze-filled shenanigans that inspire pop-culture lines like, “DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!”

Nathan was there for the ice cream. He was confused because unlike his usual fare of sugar-free popsicles, ice cream has no structure.

He didn’t care. He pwned that sucka.

Then the sugar high pwned him.

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  1. the maternity heart made me all teary

  2. Great pictures! Can we go back in time so you can do the photos for my wedding? (I said “our wedding” first, but that sounds like I’d be marrying YOU—and while I’d be honored, what I MEANT was my wedding to PAUL.)

  3. cuties. all of them. the couple and the ice cream photos.

  4. hello insomnia says:

    flutter: thanks!

    swistle: when I get my flux capacitor and Michael J. Fox, I can make it happen. Between you and Paul, not between us because I’m not into the ladies.

    jodi: thanks jodi!

  5. Those pics are terrific!

    Anne at

  6. great pictures, mona! 🙂

    what a small world! i know the newlyweds!! *runs to myspace to congratulate!*

  7. Sparkling Red says:

    Those are great photos!

  8. I love the preggy tummy heart:)

  9. The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ says:

    I didn’t know they left Saipan.

  10. Julie Pippert says:

    Those are fantastic photos! And a lovely couple.

    Using My Words

  11. Butrfly Garden says:

    You know, it would be much cheaper, I think, to buy your plane ticket and hotel room than to hire a photog.

    I have played mortal kombat, but while my sisters and I pretend to be hard-core, it’s mostly because it’s funny because we’re all little white suburban girls.

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