Random x 7

I was tagged by Crystal about seven years ago which makes sense since this is all about seven things.

1. I used to watch Unsolved Mysteries religiously. I desperately wanted something mysterious and–wait for it–unsolved to happen to me. Sadly, I have never seen an apparition, or found a love letter tucked in a book and reunited two lost lovers. I didn’t have a thing for Robert Stack, if that’s what you’re thinking. Robert Stack is way too young for me. I bet he still has all his teeth and hasn’t had a major joint replaced. Move aside, young Bobby. I need someone who graduated in ’06. 1906. Wassup my octogenarians!

2. For my eighth grade graduation, my mom bought me a pager. All the cool kids had pagers proudly clipped these beeping bricks onto their rolled up jean shorts. Unlike all the cool kids, no one actually paged me, save for the guy who liked me and whom I bossed into paging me whenever I was in public.

3. My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone, followed closely by Home Alone 2.

4. I have difficulty spelling “obsessed,” and “restaurant.”

5. I can wiggle my ears.

6. I have a bad habit of quoting The Office to people who do not watch The Office. No wonder they’re put-off when I say, “Green is a whorish color!”

7. My first celebrity crush was on Dave Foley while he was on Kids in the Hall. I would have moved to Toronto for that guy. Only, I was 10 and didn’t even have enough allowance money to smuggle myself out of the country.

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  1. I can’t do “obsessed” either. I always want to put the double s in the wrong spot.

    I always assume that EVERYONE watches The Office, to my peril.

  2. For example, “You can’t steal the Funny Black Guy!” is rarely appropriate, yet…I have done it. SIGH.

  3. Audrey/SangriaLover says:

    I have the same Office-quoting problem. Recently my in-laws’ neighbor got bitten by some rodent and had to be treated for rabies. We tried and tried to convince my mother-in-law to buy the girl a “Support the Rabid” shirt, but she just wouldn’t do it.

  4. “Would I go into your house and steal your hello kitty back pack?”

  5. Chickenbells says:

    Oh…good list! I have a hard time with these memes mostly because I think all the “random” things about me are “normal”

  6. OMG Dave Foley Fan Club, California branch!! I was sooo into him. I frequently quote that show even it ended a million years ago and most people have never seen it. Totally brilliant though.

  7. Mrs. Blogoway says:

    I’m laughing my ass off…Dave Foley? That’s the sickest thing I’ve ever heard? LOL. You just made my night.

  8. Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess says:

    Dave Foley is totally hot.

  9. Butrfly Garden says:

    2. I didn’t get a pager until my brother went to treatment when I was 15 and I got to take his.
    3. Home Alone Rocks. NB was finally the age where he could really appreciate it. He laughed his ass off and repeatedly said, “Oh, Man!” “I love this guy!” “He’s so cool!!”

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