santa babies

santa: take 1

We had our first attempt at Santa photos about two weeks ago. That’s my nephew Alejandro and Nathan performing in The Crybaby and the Country Yokel: a Musical of Hope. We had waited for about forty minutes at the local mall with nothing for the kids to do other than to wriggle on the floor or launch sippy cups into the line at Dairy Queen.

At first I was secretly hoping that we would get to the front of the line before Santa took his break, but the longer we waited, the louder those hopes became until I was practically threatening, “OH SANTA HAD BETTER NOT TAKE A 15 MINUTE BREAK!”

santa: take 2

Our second attempt at Santa photos was much more seamless. Mike and I stationed ourselves in a tiny line at Westwood Village. There were security guards flanking both ends. They must have heard my earlier Santa threats.

The Dickens Carolers at the sub shop

Later at the sub shop, we were treated to an amazing version of “Little Drummer Boy,” Mike’s favorite Christmas song. Mike and I debated whether they were carolers or wassailers. Mike didn’t think they were carolers until I said, “I don’t have a master’s degree, but why are they holding a book that says ‘Dickens Carolers’ if they are really ‘Dickens Wassailers’?”

We have little debates like this often. I represented the affirmative for the last debate topic, “RESOLVED: Washington is a community property state therefore half of that plate of nachos is mine, you stingy.”

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  1. We don’t even ATTEMPT Santa photos. If we did, Santa would DESPISE us with every fiber of his being for putting him through that particular hell, and we would get coal in our stockings.

  2. 2 kids, 5.5 years, exactly ONE Santa photo.

    I love the brilliance that is the Sub Shop menu hanging over the heads of the Dickens Carolers.

  3. I love the Westwood Carolers. Such a diverse bunch of Dicken’s happy cheer bringers.

  4. Audrey/SangriaLover says:

    Way to win the Carolers debate!

    But, as for the nachos, I’m afraid I have to take Mike’s side. After all, if catching snippets of “Saving Silverman” here and there while channel surfing has taught me anything, it’s “If the nachos are stuck together, that’s one nacho.”

  5. Chickenbells says:

    I thought wassial was punch? damn. The boy looks wonderful with Santa! I’m glad he didn’t freak out…my almost 11 year old niece still grabs my arm and hangs on like Santa is a serial killer whenever this time of year comes around…although, she gladly accepts the gifts he brings…

  6. doesn’t wassailing sound like it would hurt?

  7. Debate-speak never fails to crack me up.

  8. Butrfly Garden says:

    HAHAHAH! That first picture was GREAT!!!

    Sunshine was SOOO excited to see Santa this year and then, when the moment came she freaked. First, she kept stalling, saying “I forgot!” I’d say, “Gameboy, now go.” Then she cried. Then we went back to our table and I thanked her for the lovely wait in line and she glared at me for about 15 minutes. Red-eyed, brow-furrowed GLARED. I told her I’d email him her list.

    Also, I wondered what “a-wassailing” meant! hahah. I figured it was basically that but didn’t know if there was a difference to caroling or not.

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