Spock Efron and OMGZ LEADZ!

I don't think hair is supposed to look like this

Nathan’s hair looks like a cross between Zac Efron and Spock. He’s like Spock Efron. You’ll be able to see him in High School Musical 15: The Next Generation. Worf and Wesley Crusher vie for lead parts in the Starfleet play but the auditions are cut short when Picard orders the saucer section to separate from the main drive.

Way to be a Debbie Downer, Jean-Luc. This isn’t a hostage crisis on Nimbus III, COME ON.


This First Years 3-in-1
Flush & Sounds Potty Training Seat
was made one month after the recall cut-off, so it doesn’t qualify. I’m thinking that if my kid’s licking off the lead from a chair, maybe he’s not ready for potty training. I had purchased this chair in case Nathan suddenly honed his potty skills but so far he just lifts up the purple bucket, steps into the hole and frowns angrily that I bought a defective licensed-character toddler trap. The hell, Mom?

I’m still skeptical about the lead levels. What could have happened in a month that drastically changed the toxic makeup in the paint?

Having said that, I can tell you right now that most of the toys I grew up with had extremely high levels of lead. They were all assembled in tiny Chinese subprovinces and even other Chinese people tested them for lead.

Think about all the crazy shit made in China and shipped here. I wonder about the Chinese worker who subtitles pirated copies of Arrested Development and shakes his head at silly Americans who say things like, “Your hairiness disease?”

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  1. OMG! Katie had that same potty . . .

    Whew! Glad that’s over!

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