Thanks to everyone for participating in the first annual Friday Giveaway!

The winner is Pickles & Dimes with her suggestion of chicken saltimbocca.

But I’m so hungry right now after reading through a feast of rich dips, homemade booze, desserts and entrees. I need to wear my pretend maternity pants again if I’m going to host this hypothetical party but as long as you’re there, my internet friend, we can gorge together.

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  1. Pickles & Dimes says:


    I emailed you my mailing info – thanks so much!

    And my husband is totally incredulous because I’m not really a cook, and so he wants it known that chicken saltimbocca is only one out of three things I can cook well.

  2. Stephanie says:

    how do you like the recipes from that book? I’ve tried several and they have been ok. Nothing great so far.

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