20 questions with Ashley from Splendid Sustenance

Thanks to Neil’s Great Interview Experiment, every blogger gets his/her own shining egocentric moment. All you have to do is leave a comment and in exchange for your interview, you will be interviewed by a blogging peer. Read the completed interviews and let’s all feel a little special, huh? Join in! It’s fun! Especially if you are suffering from an inflated ego caused by your elementary school’s Gifted and Talented class! Holla!

Luckily, I had the fortune to interview my sister from another mister, Ashley from Splendid Sustenance. If you haven’t oogled over her mouth-watering recipes or wept openly because you’ll never have that kind of kitchen prowess, go over now. I’ll wait. I have tissues handy.

And when you return, you can read the awesome interview below:

1. Why did you start blogging?
Like many, I found Dooce. At the time I was inspired by her and thought it would be fun to have my own. My first blog was on Blogger and was really disjointed and obvious that I tried too hard. It took awhile but I figured out that blogging about food came easily, so here I am.

2. What does “thicketquicket” mean?
“Thicket Quicket, the thickeness thicket around” It is what I called my first cat, he was “everyone’s” cat though, he could convert even the worst cat haters, honestly. He chose me, I didn’t choose him. I wanted a different cat at the humane society, but he would not leave me alone, glad I listened to him.

3. What is something your readers would be surprised to know about you?
That I was a debutante (don’t go hatin’ now). I was the outcast of the bunch and had to hide my tattoos, it was completely ridiculous, but it meant a lot to my Gram so I did it for her. I know how to waltz because of it, and I headbanged to Metallica’s Kill ’em All in my fancy dress.

4. What was the first blog you read?
Dooce. I don’t read her anymore though, she lost that sumthin’ sumthin’ awhile back for me.

5. What are some blogging trends you like? Ugh over?
Trends…hm. I like the meme’s unlike most, it shows a personal side to that blogger that you otherwise never see. Ughs….not sure this is a trend, but I HATE the way people say things they normally would never say to someone’s face.

6. Do you have any blogging rules?
I really try not to post pictures of my boys, once in awhile I will, but I steer away from it. It makes me sad I can’t share more photos, but the internet just sort of creeps me out. Also, I keep cursing to a minimum because I feel that writing it is louder than speaking it, for some reason reading a curse word changes the whole tone of an entry for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not offended by cursing (I do it) I just think it needs to be used wisely in written word.

7. Were you always so talented in the kitchen?
HA! Definitely not. I think my mom sent me off to college with boxes of hamburger helper. It’s been a very gradual and steep learning curve. My boys will both know at least the basics in the kitchen before leaving this house, that’s for certain.

8. There’s a movie out called “Teeth,” and it’s about a girl who has vaginal dentata, meaning, she has some chompers up in her cooch. Is there anything in that description that would make you go out and see it? Do you like the word dentata?
Oh cripes Mona, you crack my shit up! Yes, I do believe I would want to see that as long as no animals were hurt. Dentata sounds like something to do with pasta, I suppose the word is at least……..interesting.

9. Could you explain “unschooling” for us?
Unschooling in a nutshell is child led learning. Allowing your child to follow their interests and learn in the ways they learn best, unschoolers tend to work from their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. It is mindful living, free play, and exploration. The parent is basically the facilitator. It takes an immense amount of trust and patience from what I gather and should be a valuable learning experience for our little family. Many critics of Unschooling see the parent as lazy when in fact this is quite the opposite. You the parent spend much of your time and energy helping and guiding them, even chauffeuring them since so much is real life experience you spend much of your time at museums and unexpected places. For instance, if your child wants to know how the sewer works you might set up a a tour with your local water/sewage department. Unschoolers need to be good researchers, there will be so much I don’t know and will have to learn along with my boys. Should be interesting.

10. What is one dish that if the world had more of, it’d be a happier place?
GOOD Pizza, not bad. Only the freshest cheese, vegetables, spices, and meats (for you meateaters). It really is one of the perfect foods, it is completely versatile, can truly be shared, can be adapted to go with anything from beer to wine to soda to salads to soups. Can be dipped in an array of sauces, can have an array of sauces, need I go on? The problem is the abundance of bad pizza out there, oh god the humanity.

11. What does my pantry absolutely need and why?
Your pantry absolutely needs tortilla chips, because if you don’t know what to make for dinner you can always throw nachos together with whatever you have on hand. But it also needs canned pineapple chunks (in their own juice) because they are so good for you and go good with so many things (hey, throw them on your nachos). Oh you also need top shelf Olive oil, go for extra virgin, my favorite is from Napa. It is worth every penny to have top notch olive oil.

12. Suppose you’re going to a potluck with some high-brow foodies, what would you bring to show off?
I would likely bring sushi. It’s easy, cheap, good for you, travels easily, and has that presentation factor. On the other hand I might bring fanciful cupcakes, because who doesn’t like cupcakes? WHO!

13. Do you think Dexter will ever be caught?
Oh god I hope not. How tragic would that be?

14. Tell me something awesome about being a redhead.
I will likely die with red hair. Most redheads don’t gray much at all.

15. What’s a book worth reading and re-reading?
This is such a hard question. Off the top of my head, Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor, second for me would be Ham on Rye, Bukowski.

16. I want to recruit you for my hip-hop blogging crew. First, tell me, what is your rapping name?
MC Saute-a-lot, and I am so IN!

17. What are five words that describe your life right now?
anti potty anti sleep household

18. Who will play you in the movie of your life? Why?
I guess Jennifer Garner because she seems most down to earth, non extravagant, which is me. But oh how I wish it would/could be Tina Fey.

19. As a mother of two, what’s your best parenting tip/hack?
Making sure you have a good reason behind the “NO!” Owen was licking the window this morning and I told him NO! he asked me why not, I had no answer. So I let him, then made him clean it up with a little help from me. I guess that isn’t so much a hack though, a good hack letting your kid(s) bake with you, they love it and get rewarded with what they made. WinWin.

20. I’m hungry. Tell me what to eat. I will eat anything.
You should eat Mexican Millet, so gooood. Recipe coming soon šŸ˜‰

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  1. mrs. blogoway says:

    This interview was really fun. Long live Dexter!
    Hurray for pizza.

  2. great interview! love it!

  3. Who’s going to interview you, Mona?

  4. Chelsea Talks Smack says:

    hahaha radical interview- funny she brought up “teeth” a friend of mine just told me about that movie today.

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