Cloverfield Monster!

I finally saw Cloverfield with Linda and Ashley. I have been waiting for this movie since it was called 1.18.08, which in retrospect was a great title for films that only tell when the hell you’ll know what it’s about when you don’t know what the hell it’s about.

A sign taped to the ticket window warned customers that some people feel sick while watching the movie, that the sensation was similar to a roller coaster. The teens in front of me were high-fiving each other because how whoah, awesometacular dude! The movie started out with the familiar-Blair-Witch-Project-shake and captured what happens if a monster totally screws up your going-away party.

I bought a large popcorn and several times I thought, “Should I eat more popcorn to settle my stomach, or should I dump out the bag so I can rolf into it?” I scanned the room to see if anyone else was riding the upchuck waves. I figured I was the only pansy since I’m so tummy-sensitive, I can’t even read an Archie comic if the car is in motion.

Despite the Parkinson’s-camera-perspective, I highly recommend this movie if you need a dose of New York City monster terror, especially since this flick shows that Manhattan has no unattractive people and living there guarantees you to have more than five hot and hip peeps attend your farewell soiree. I’m so glad I live in Seattle, where no monsters rise and topple buildings and the only mass confusion you’ll find is at the Starbucks pick-up counter where the barista has once again written “Nona” on my white chocolate mocha.

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  1. thecandyqueen says:

    I ended up seeing it yesterday too, and I totally felt sick afterward. But I also ate a hot dog, popcorn AND candy all in like the first 10 minutes of the movie…In fact, I still feel a little dizzy.

  2. Butrfly Garden says:

    What’s funny….if you started celebrating your birthday on Saturday…and you saw Cloverfield on Saturday, then you celebrated your birthday the same way my now 15 year old brother did. šŸ˜€ hahaha. Please tell me you included at least a little bit of alcohol in your soiree?

    haha, the MONSTER is what he left out when he was telling me about the movie. I got a 15 minute recap of everything BEFORE the monster, but he stopped because he didn’t want to spoil it. Thanks a lot, Mona. (Just kidding, I didn’t plan on seeing it anyway, that filmage makes me sick to my stomach. Any 80’s suspense movie does the same thing.)

  3. Ha ha! Maybe the best thing would be to buy TWO popcorns. Then eat one so you have an empty container Just In Case, and nibble from the other in case that means you don’t need the empty one.

  4. “Nona”, what the fuck? Is “Nona” a more common name than “Mona” now?

    This is like how I’m always, ALWAYS, “Jessie”

  5. Quad – Grande – 3 Pump – Nonfat – No Whip – White Mochas rock…

    Did I say that right?

  6. How much does a drink like that cost, MacQue? 15 dollars?

  7. It’s about $4-somethin’… but totally worth it.

    Now if only I could harness the energy produced from bouncing my knee afterwards… I could probably relinquish this country’s addiction to foreign oil.

    Calves by Starbucks… BAM!

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