Friday miscellany, now in bullet form!

birthday gifts!

  • I received an awesome package from my sister, Bobbie, courtesy of My birthday (IN TWO DAYS!) presents were a shirt for Nathan, Chamorro cookies, pineapple nut cookies and pan toasta sticks from Herman’s Bakery. Pan toasta is toasted bread sticks that have the delicious crunchy starch I love. My mother eats this every day for breakfast while she drinks milk and water from a bowl. She doesn’t use a cup because it doesn’t hold enough liquid for her. If she’s visiting my sister, she will bring her own bowl. She has a bowl in my cupboard saved especially for her.
  • One of my favorite coats was a few sizes smaller when I got it, but now I find it even more snug. This could mean that my boobs have gotten bigger, or my back has gotten fatter.
  • When Mike dropped Nathan at daycare, one of the little boys asked him, “What language is your wife?”
  • My car was diagnosed as having a worn battery which is why it wouldn’t turn over. None of the shops that sell car paraphernalia can install it for me and please don’t tell me that this is something I could easily do myself because my auto-know-how is laughable.
  • I’m going to see Cloverfield tomorrow with these hot ladies and I will know what is that monster! Finally, a J.J. Abrams joint with an answer!
  • Another daycare ditty: I had dressed Nathan up in a cute vest, white collared shirt and khakis because we had a wedding to attend that afternoon. Two little girls overheard me explain to the daycare provider that Nathan was going to a wedding, so after I left, they asked her, “Who’s Nathan marrying?”
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  1. FunnyGal KAT says:

    I can’t do car stuff either, but I managed to get a new battery installed at a place that is supposed to only sell them by batting my eyelashes at the college kid behind the counter. First and only time it’s worked!

    The kids in Nathan’s preschool are the cutest ever! Both great quotes.

  2. Do you have Pep Boys in Seattle? They always offer to install anything I’ve ever bought there. That sounds like I buy things there all the time. Just twice, a headlight lamp and some wire thingy to remove a dead CD player.

  3. My boyfriend and I had been waiting for Cloverfield for months, so we went to see it last night at midnight and then I had to work this morning at eight. It was worth it though. I really liked the movie, it was pretty terrifying.

  4. thecandyqueen says:

    I was thinking that maybe the next time you visit Saipan you could take me with you? Ahh, Cloverfield…Jeff is seeing that tonight, but I’m not going. It’s guys night. Also, what if you DON’T get answer? What if there’s 3 more Cloverfields in the works? That would be SOOOOOOOO J.J.

  5. Car Toys will install a car battery if you but it from them. The optima yellow top battery is a good one. I used to work at Car Toys and I think they still sell them. If not, you can buy a battery and take it to my husband’s place of work and he can put it in for you he works in Bellevue.

  6. Julie Pippert says:

    Happy (early) birthday!

  7. funnygal: I think my eyelash batting days are done.

    jmc: I’ll check into that!

    flyabuv: thanks for not giving me the ending.

    candyqueen: I hadn’t even thought there might be a sequel! Arrgh!

    trina: thanks for the offer, but I think I have it covered.

    julie: thanks!!!

  8. Happy birthday soon!

  9. Dude.


    How did I not know this?

  10. I hope Mike’s answer to that little boy’s question was “The language of looovvveeee” all drawn-out and suggestive-like.

    Happy birthday soon!

  11. happy birthday in 2 days, sweetie!

  12. Chickenbells says:

    Oh…Sears will totally install your battery if they have an automotive department (although I just installed my own…but, my mechanic had to redo it…sigh)

    Love the preschool kids…I need to hang out there for more laughs…although, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was some creepy adult who was just trying to overhear conversations…

  13. mrs. blogoway says:

    Do you guys have Autozone there? They install for free.

    I’m going to Cloverfield tomorrow, too. I can’t wait. I love to be terrified!

    What are you doing for your b-day?

  14. LOL what language is your wife?

    Kids are classic. Happy early birthday

  15. Butrfly Garden says:

    The kids at his daycare sound adorable. What language? HA!

    I know you didn’t want to hear this, but most likely, changing the battery is EASY. Unless you have one of those crazy cars where they mount it in all weird, the hardest part is lifting it. You match red cable to red post – black cable to black post.

    I’m gonna play Nosey McKnowitall here, but I made my Mike learn to fix our cars when we suddenly had a mortgage to pay (we were all about the shops before that). I ain’t marrying him for his good looks, you know!! But, really, it has saved us THOUSANDS of dollars over just the past couple years. And! They sell books! About your car! That tell you exactly how to fix everything! Okay! Enough excla-fricken-mations already!!!!

    missed you (again).

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