Then again, maybe not

Tonight Mike, Nathan and I went to the 10th Annual Kindergarten Fair held at South Seattle Community College. Since missing last week’s open house, we decided to check it out. I had feared that they’d administer admissions exams on the spot and that they’d toss Nathan a bottle of Jergens with the one instruction being: IT PUTS THE LOTION ON THE SKIN. You could slap an EPIC FAIL caption on that scene once Nathan inevitably tries to eat the contents.

The school we had meant to visit was represented and we spent about fifteen minutes discussing what their school offered like chess club (!) and preschool yoga(!!) At my preschool the only after-school activity offered was, “How to keep Mona from eating the crayons. Again.”

And after wading through the selections of schools and activities and tuition costs, I thought that maybe we can do this–this crazy stage of raising a baby into a child. Also, Nathan didn’t knock anything over which meant I didn’t have to yell, “I’ve never seen this child before in my life!” Because GAWD that’s embarrassing especially when he’s running toward me babbbling, “MAMA.”

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  1. Chickenbells says:

    Dang…I don’t know how to play chess and I think I don’t have any time for yoga at all…perhaps I will join myself. And, if they have crayons AND paste? Why, it sounds just like heaven!

  2. mrs. blogoway says:

    That sounds cool but I would definately check up on them at the school… Maddie’s Montessori School claimed to have the children involved in the preparation of snacks. (I thought, “wow how cool. Culinary experience at age 5) but when I would stop by, the only snacks ever served were goldfish crackers.

  3. bleeding espresso says:

    Yeah I think I woulda flunked out of that kindergarten although I *do* remember making a mean school bus out of construction paper with stick figures and everything.

  4. Mamacita Chilena says:

    I used to try and eat everything I could get my hands on when I was a kid too.

    So that means you should just go ahead and take it as a sign of genius šŸ™‚

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