blarch badness: vote for change!

vote for change

I’m very honored to be nominated for Blarch Badness. I pale in comparison to my fellow contenders who make me ask, “YOUR COLLECTIVE COOLNESS. CAN I HAS IT?” I don’t even feel like the Ron Paul or John Edwards in this bracket. I feel like I’m wearing a bedazzled cat sweater in a room full of um, normal people? For those of you undecided folks or those trolling through here wondering what the hell a “kirida” is (answer: not a food!), here are some facts that separate me from the other candidates:

My name is Mona. I am the only Mona in this bracket.

I am the only one with a son named Nathan.

I am the only one from a small tropical island called Saipan.

I am the only one who is married to someone 27 years her senior.

So as the leader of the Mothers-to-Nathans / Geriatric-Lovers / Former-Saipan-Residents party, I am shamelessly requesting your votes. You can vote once a day until the polls close on Tuesday at 9 PM.

Tell your friends, neighbors and spouses to vote for me! And if you aren’t married, find someone, marry him/her and then spread the good word! Remember, a vote for Kirida is a vote for change, specifically, the 83 cents I have in my hand.

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  1. Im on my way to vote, and you have been tagged!

  2. Shoot! I missed the voting!

  3. carrie: it’s still there! There are two polls for two different brackets, but let it load and you’ll see me!

  4. Done, good luck Mona! You’re no cat sweater wearing bedazzler in my book.

  5. Well, okay. I can get behind a platform of bedazzled sweaters and 27-year-older husbands.

  6. Or “-years-“. How about “-years-“?

  7. Done and done!

  8. you got my vote sweets šŸ™‚

  9. Chickenbells says:

    Done…when it’s all over, should we be running to our mailboxes for the change you’re going to send us?

  10. mrs. blogoway says:

    Will do.

  11. voted!

  12. Type (little) a says:

    You KNOW I voted for you. I don’t know what for, though.

    Please tell me that I didn’t just vote for your public hanging or something.

  13. Mamacita Chilena says:

    Voted. You’re killing the competition F.Y.I.

  14. I voted. And dude you’re killing the competition by a MILE!

  15. Butrfly Garden says:

    Looks like you’re killin’em!

    Hi, by the way! My name is Amy. I used to be a blogger but corporate minions took my creativity and stashed it somewhere (I think it might be in the server room). Now I just post about things I hear other people say and hope people still love me. And once in a great while, I sneak a peek at their blogs, too.

    (That was a long fake intro, huh? Do I sound crazy or just strange? I was going for crazy.)

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